Why Is The Memory Section of Part C the Most Challenging for Post Office Exams

You have no doubt heard that the test is now taken online. Yes, you heard right. You have also heard that the past tests have been phased out. You have heard right. And what I will tell you here is that there is a memory section where you will be required to jot down answers you’re your memory. The USPS service jobs require you to take ample preparation and that you be able to recall as many routes and addresses as possible, from memory. There are many things to know about the memory section of the exam. For example, since the exam is done online, you will not be allowed to take a pen and paper into the test center with you to “help you organize your memory” or anything of that sort. No way. If it is online, then you will have to do everything electronically and in the required time too. Remember, the USPS office jobs are highly sought after and that means you have to be extra careful when you tackle the questions. It also means that you have to be extra hardworking when you are preparing. Get up to date guides so that you can practice on something that is as close to the real deal as possible.

Part C is for memory and coding

To know how important memory is, you should understand how it will be marked. Usually, you will get a third of a point deducted for every wrong answer that you will give. Thus, if you do not know the answer to a question, just leave it blank since blank spaces are not penalized. It is also important to mention that this part has 72 items that you need to answer. What happens is that the number of questions that you answer right will be combined with the results from other sections. Remember; the secret is to perform well in all the sections since the results of all sections will be used to determine your overall score.

What is it that makes the memory section challenging?

Here is what happens… when you start the memory section of Part C, you will notice that although you will have a coding guide for the coding section to guide you along, the same privilege is not extended to the memory section where you must get everything from your memory, hence the name “memory section”. This is why you need to have prepared very well for the test with up to date guides. One strategy that you can employ here is to reorganize the coding guide in such a way that the routes correspond with the addresses. It is a bit hard, but hey, someone has to do it, no? Arrange it this way: along the delivery route A, there is an address range. Master those. Do the same for delivery route B, C and so on. This is where your mind will be tested fully. It is best to prepare amply and make sure that you remember every detail.