Postal exam 473 is one of the most important and crucial exams for people who are looking to get a US postal job. Many candidates fail the exam not because they are ill-prepared, but because they make some silly mistakes.

These mistakes can easily be avoided if one is attentive while attempting the exam. If you are preparing to appear in the postal exam 473, then here are some common mistakes that you must avoid.

1.Writing the Name in the Wrong Order

This probably doesn’t sound like a big mistake, but it can cost you a lot of points. You must write the right names in the right order and at the right places. It is a common mistake that many candidates make when they are filling a form in the test.

2.Guessing Answers

While it is ok to guess answers in some parts of the exam, there are other parts where you should never rely on guesswork. This is because some parts of the postal exam 473 penalize for guesswork. This means that there is negative marking, and points will be deducted for wrong answers.

Thus, only attempt these questions if you are sure about the answer. You can guess answers if there is no negative marking for the part. Otherwise, if you are not sure about the answer, just leave the space blank.

3.Not Managing Time

Postal exams are timed, and you must complete your test within the allowed time. A lot of candidates make the mistake of spending too much time on one particular part or another. This leaves them no time to attempt other parts of the exam.

It is important not to spend too much time on one section of the exam. Distribute your time between each section and don’t spend any more time on a section than you need to. You can come back to it later if you‘ve finished the rest of the exam and have some time to spare.

You are at risk of failing the postal exam if you don’t attempt the questions in all the sections. Therefore, be smart in planning how you want to go about the exam.

4.Not Following Directions

All the questions in the postal exam come with detailed instructions and directions to attempt the question. You will lose points if you don’t answer the questions as directed. Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully before you start attempting a question.

5.Being Careless in Answering Personality Questions

There is a section in the postal exam 473 that requires you to answer questions about your personality. You must not answer these questions carelessly. Take your time to formulate proper answers to these questions. The USPS experts will judge your personality based on these answers, and you cannot afford to mess it up.

Choose answers that reflect your personality but avoid choosing the ones that seem too extreme. This can affect your score negatively.

These were some common mistakes that many candidates make while taking postal exams. If you are also appearing for the postal exams, then you must avoid these mistakes at all costs. Doing so will improve your chances of scoring high in the test and landing a US postal job.