Applying for US postal jobs has many benefits but because they are so difficult to get, there are many myths around them. It’s no surprise then that many people will believe these myths and end up getting discouraged from applying for a job with the postal service.

The good news is that US postal jobs are very lucrative. The benefits they offer make this job extremely comfortable and applying there is high competition. If you’re interested in getting a postal job, we’re going to help you out by dispelling many of the myths about them.

The following are some of the biggest myths that you probably believe about jobs in the United States Postal Services:

Myth 1 - It’s a Dangerous Job

The Truth: It’s a demanding job but it’s not dangerous at all. Mail carriers are the ones who have travel to different localities, regardless of the weather conditions or the occasion to deliver the mail. For this reason, they’re assigned particular areas and they also have to do a physical which ensures that they are able to carry the mailbag with ease too.

In the event that there are dogs in the houses, more mail carriers are carrying treats, respecting the homeowner’s signs and boundaries and ensuring that there’s no harm done.

Myth 2 - The Mail Has Become Obsolete

The Truth: This is a myth which hinged on the fact that there are so many things which have changed over time. Paper-based mail was supposed to be dead once emails were introduced. While they did put a damper on things, the USPS is not used just for paper mail.

A large number of USPS mail comprises of packages, boxes and other assortments of mail items. Additionally, the cost of sending a package through the USPS is more affordable than sending it through private mail services such as FedEx.

Myth 3 - You Can’t Make Good Money in US Postal Jobs

The Truth: You actually can make a lot of money with the right US Postal job. Yes, not all entry-level jobs pay you well but if you stick around for years and grow in the industry, you can earn a lot of money. In the past, the Post Master has been among the list of the highest paid federal employees.

Additionally, you get other benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, medical leaves, days off and overtime pay as well. So, working with the USPS can be lucrative for you.

Myth 4 – You Have to Know Someone to Get a Job

Truth: You actually don’t have to know anyone to apply for US Postal jobs. All you have to do is sit in for the Postal Exam 473, pass it and get access to the USPS job pool. Then you have to actively apply for open vacancies and wait to hear back from them.

This is a process that everyone has to follow so there’s no need to pull your contacts to land a job. USPS is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on who they work with!