A brief history of the Houston shipping port

The Houston shipping port was created in the 19thcentury in downtown Houston. The modern inland port kicked off in 1914, and since then, the port have has opened in two new terminals in 1977 and 2006.

The port has a rich historical significance as it is where labor disputes between authorities and labor workers erupted. These incidents occurred in the years 1936 and 1937.

A look at the modern Houston city port

As we speak, Houston is a major global city in the shipping industry. Several million tons of goods headed to different destinations pass through Houston’s port terminals.

 This beehive of activities generates a lot of revenue for both the state of Texas and the federal government.

The Houston port authority also offers tours that attract the general public. This also helps to generate additional revenue.

Shipping services for cargo that goes to Houston

Houston port supports the two main international shipping services, i.e., the mini land bridge service and the all water service.

Mini land bridge service

This service is the process by which cargo is sent to a primary port where it is then sent to its destination port by means of rail or road. The cargo from the ocean uses the land travel as a bridge between the two ports hence the name.

Since this method utilizes rail transport to reach the harbor, it is a more expensive way to send goods as compared to the all water service.

All water service

As the name suggests this is a service that utilizes ocean or sea transport to send cargo from one port to another. It is a highly cost-effective method of sending goods but also one of the slowest ways of international shipping.

Using this method means that the cargo will only pass through water ways and not use any land transport to reach the destination port.

Canals and channels are often used to reach ports that are not at the ocean’s shore such as the Houston channel.

The importance of Houston and its shipping industry

Houston is a city of commerce and development. Here are some of the factors that make Houston shipping port a vital international player within the shipping industry:

Houston is a worldwide logistics and manufacturing core

This city is one of the busiest international shipping ports. It is home to thousands of companies that manufacture and process goods for export. There is also a firm that deals with importing and transporting cargo into the country.

Many commerce firms also offer logistics for cargo at the port depending on its destination. All these activities make it a hot spot for business and one of the leading international shipping ports.

The city supports the development of technology and rail, road and air infrastructure

The Houston shipping port has promoted the creation and upgrade of transport infrastructure. millions of dollars have been used to create technology and infrastructure that smooth lines the port’s activities.

The use of new shore cranes as well as developing warehouses for land and air freight has helped to increase the efficiency of processing cargo. Railways are also strategically located to allow for easy transit of incoming and outbound goods.

The city has a thriving real estate industry

Since the creation of the Houston shipping port, the town has become a thriving economic center.

This economic development increases capital flow that leads to investments which in turn promote the growth of a metropolis. This leads to creation of many housing and residential projects.

All these projects require construction materials and expertise which means the manufacturing and construction industry is benefiting a great deal.

Houston city has a large population that provides a good work force

The city has the most people within the state of Texas. This large population is able to provide all forms of industries with skilled workers.

Because of its economic prowess, the city attracts many young skilled individuals to move there in search of employment.

This skilled workforce helps in boosting production, processing and business activities leading to economic growth in Houston shipping port.

Closing Remarks

Houston is a developed city that connects many industries and companies through the power of shipping.

Its port is one of main things that make it a major driver of the US economy. It also creates more than a million jobs for both local and international traders and workers.

The city is connected to the rest of the world in a financial and economic manner. It definitely deserves the title ‘America’s next international shipping hub.’