How Much Does a PO Box Address Cost? 

A PO Box is created by a postal company so that you can get mail through a postbox located at the postal office. This mailbox, located within the postal office opens by the use of a special code or key.

When mail goes to this address, the postal office workers put the mail in your box and close it. You can get your letters when you visit and open the postbox.

 The Benefits of Using a PO Box

Post office box deliveries are important to users who depend on the service. Here are some of the benefits of having one:

Guarantees Security

PO Box address opens specifically to the box owner and postal workers. Most home mailboxes lack any security features.

This way, it allows anything from a nosy neighbor to a stray pet to access your letters and parcels. This can lead to loss of vital information and goods.

Using this type of mailbox will ensure that all the mail you receive is secure until you collect it. It will reduce the number of parcels that disappear miraculously.

 Ensures Confidentiality

Your mail should remain private. This process mostly applies to companies that get mail from different people.

Using post office box delivery will guarantee privacy and confidentiality. You don’t want to lose private client information and suffer costly lawsuits in court that threaten to ruin your business.

Shorter Delivery Time

When you use a personal address to receive letters and parcels, they will take time to reach your doorstep. Mail addresses to home addresses can take hours or even days, depending on the logistics of the postal service.

Since the PO Box address is within the postal office, mails tend to arrive faster. The mail will reach the postal office and be in your personal box in a matter of minutes or hours.

 Can Multitask as a Permanent Address

If a person moves often, then a post office box delivery is the best mailing option for them.

This way, they can use it as a permanent address and won’t need to change addresses when moving. It will also ensure that they still get mail as you migrate from one area to another. 

 Understanding the Costs of a PO Box

Most people wonder what the actual price of renting a post office box. It is important to subscribe for a service only after you have understood all its costs.

Several factors determine the price of a post office box. Some of the things that determine how much you pay to rent one include:

The time period you want to rent the PO Box 

Your contract period may cause a difference in price. The rental periods range from three, six to twelve months. The customer pays the total price for renting before they can access the postal office mailbox.

The wisest option is to rent for a period of six to twelve months, this way you enjoy the actual value of your money. You can even apply for a credit card payment alternative with an option to automatically renew your subscription.

The Size of the box

The size of mailbox influences its price. Most postal offices have five standard measurements of boxes.

The price of these boxes increases with size. Here are the box measurements that are offered by most postal offices:

  • Extra small letter holder: These letter holders can hold ten to fifteen letters. They are the cheapest mailbox available.
  • Small letter holder: These mail boxes can hold fifteen to twenty letters.
  • Medium holder: These boxes are convenient for receiving small parcels.
  • Large letter holder: These mailboxes offer a space where two standard sized packages can fit. You have more space for ten to fifteen letters.
  • Extra-large letter holder: These boxes are the largest and most expensive. They can accommodate several packages and parcels.

When choosing, select the box magnitude keeping in mind the number of mails you expect .You can't expect to receive parcels, and you have an extra small letter box.

Supplementary Charges

 Extra charges can also determine the actual price of a PO Box. An example of a supplementary charge is paying for additional box keys.

Normally, the postal office requires you to pay for two box keys. If you need extra keys, you will have to pay more to get them.

 Acquiring a PO Box in 2019

Getting a PO Box address is a straightforward process. You can fill it out online on the United States Postal Service’s website or visit a local USPS near you. Both approaches involves filling an online application.

You will select or reserve the box you want as well as the span over which you want to rent it. You will then fill out information and billing form on the website.

Next, you will need to give proof of identity and visit the postal office with a form of approved United States of America identity. You will also need to provide a passport photo.

If your application is successful, you will receive your PO Box number as well as the box keys, and begin receiving mail.

Securing a box for you mail is that easy; and the process takes only a few days to weeks, depending on how fast you provide the required information.

How to apply for a PO Box refund

Suppose you have PO Box, and you do not need it anymore for one reason or another, you can decide to close your postal office box.

This process can be done on the online account you have or by visiting the postal office service office.

Depending on the several circumstances relevant to your account, you may even get a full refund. However, if you have an active three-month account, you will not get a refund if you decide to close it.


A PO Box address is a stress-free way of being in charge of how you get your packages and letters.

It is beneficial when you don't want to share your address with other people. It also helps to differentiate private mail from other types of mail.

The price of hiring a PO Box matches the wide range of benefits we enjoy. It also offers flexible rental periods according to your needs.