A Few Reasons Why You Should Be A Postal Clerk

Among the many US postal office jobs offered, I serve as a postal clerk. The postal jobs are among the federal jobs that are available readily in the market.

Working as a clerk is something I value so much in my life for the following reasons:

1. Serving the public

Despite there being new means of people communicating, such as emailing and social media, the postal service industry has stood the test of time. It is still a valuable field that serves people with various needs. As a postal clerk, I enjoy attending to people by ensuring their messages are delivered to the right person(s), at the right place and time. This way, communication and life in general is made much easier.

2. Handling information

I love my postal clerk job because I handle vital information about people, companies and governments. I am mandated to protect this information by upholding its privacy and confidentiality. As a clerk, I receive mails, send and store them properly. I enjoy this work because I feel that am an important person in people’s lives. That way, I am held accountable for any shortcomings when handling the mails. What a better way to serve humanity!

3. Importance to the government

I have always wanted to work in the government sector, small or big my role may be. Through this federal job, I feel as if I am a part of the leadership in this country. At the end of the day, I get that feeling of being self-fulfilled. I am able to give ideas on how to improve the postal sector in terms of technology, customer care and many other ways.

4. It is an interesting job

If there is something I like about serving as a clerk, it is the fact that the job is enjoyable. I get to learn new things every day. I meet new people each morning I go to work. I get to improve my customer service skills leaving the people I serve satisfied. Simply put, my work is quite involving. It exercises my brain to make it better at what it does. I meet new challenges and once I conquer them, the feeling is awesome. I go home feeling contented that I did something worth it.

5. It pays my bills

Everyone likes a job that provides income to cover expenses. My salary helps me pay my rent, electricity bills and many other expenses. I am also able to save some money for my investments. There are so many things I have achieved when working as clerk in the US postal office service. This has made me achieve self-actualization, which motivates me each and every day to wake up, and go to work. Among the many postal jobs available, I enjoy being a clerk and my responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and sorting, ails
  • Selling postage
  • Weighing packages
  • Stamping envelopes
  • Customer care
  • Selling money orders
  • Verifying address and codes on mails
  • Taking passport photos

Performing the mentioned roles makes me like my job as a clerk even more.