How to Ship Clothing Cheap 

Hot and trending today on E-commerce are fashion items, especially apparel of different kinds that retailers must deliver to customers who place orders.

E-commerce brands trading in custom-made designs, as well as apparel stores, face several challenges because someone else has to do the delivery. These setbacks emanate from not knowing how to ship clothing cheap and safe ways to ship garments.

Therefore, online merchants selling apparel must be conversant with the various shipping methods if they are going to send items to their customers without breaking the bank.

This article details more on the ways to ship apparel, particularly how to mail them, the best ways to package them for transportation, and the fastest and pocket-friendly ways to ship dresses or costumes.

Mailing Clothes: What You Need to Know

It makes more sense to understand the proper ways to package apparel before you begin thinking of how to ship clothing cheap.

With proper packing, you can be sure the apparel will reach the client in good shape. How you package also affects shipping costs incurred or how much you spend on mailing goods to shoppers considerably.

But one should not be worried because clothes aren't fragile, and a long dress can be folded to fit in a small box.

The Best Packaging Materials for Apparel

Packing materials help us organize the items we need to ship to a consumer. When preparing to mail items, it's important to note the following;

•    For small single pieces of garments, use is envelopes— preferably Tvek.

•    When shipping large quantities of clothes, and it happens they are all for the same customer, use cardboard boxes.

•    When shipping clothes to long-distance destinations, the safest way to go is a corrugated box.

•    For delicate clothing that may have subtle patterns or buttons attached, one should use either bubble mailers. Another excellent option for these is flat clipboard mailers.

How to Prepare and Package Your Apparel for Shipping

The following steps will help you organize and package garments for shipping;

•    First, allocate a clean, dry, and spacious surface where you'll fold your clothes, e.g., a large table.

•    Fold the dresses neatly.

•    Put shirts and dresses face down and fold their short or long sleeves backward.

•    Wrap the clothes in a clean paper after folding them.

•    To ensure the clothes don't move around, pack the cardboard box with materials like peanuts

•    Run tape around the box to secure it. And for the mailer box, close the lid and tape all sides firmly.

•    Seal the mailer

The Best Way to Ship Apparel

Before you use a service, it helps to seek information about the different couriers available to compare your options.

The shipping solutions that generally offer the most affordable means to ship apparel include USPS First Class, FedEx Ship Manager Lite, and UPS Ground. 

USPS First Class is the best way to ship apparel. It limits the package weight to 15.99 ounces and is a speedy way to deliver packages because deliveries occur in three days.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite is another safe way to ship clothes quick and inexpensively. FedEx is happy to offer this packaging free of charge for boxes 68kg or lower.  

Another economical way to ship garments is via UPS Ground. It costs as low as $ 2.47 to send a 2lb parcel. Deliveries take up to 5 days depending on how far the "ship to" location is.

Pocket-friendly Method to Ship a Box of Apparel

The process of shipping clothes should be inexpensive. There is a list of important factors to consider.

These include weight, box dimensions, and shipping distance. For one to get the best deals possible, the key is to compare services such as USPS First Class, FedEx Ship Manager Lite, and UPS Ground.

When comparing and evaluating the costs of mailing items with different couriers, be sure to use the service provider's shipping rates calculator to decide on how to ship clothing cheap.

For example, USPS's unique First Class service will send your package cheaply if it weighs less than 15.99 ounces. However, any package that exceeds this limit can choose to use Priority Mail.

Final Words

Online clothing brands and shopping stores must now look for ways to reduce the cost of shipping items.

This guide on how to ship clothing cheap can help you make wiser choices when looking to deliver dresses, pants, shirts, sweaters, shoes, and nearly any other thing that can classify as apparel.