The Pros of Shipping Software for Ecommerce

You realize your business is running around circles when it dawns on you that shipping activities are eating into all of your time. Every process is manual, and you must do the follow up on your own.

So what are some land mines a business owner is bound to step on when trying to accomplish a smooth shipping process? Well, this article will discuss them in detail.

The most obvious way to begin streamlining shipping in your ecommerce business is to incorporate technology. Use shipping software for ecommerce to automate some of the processes that waste your valuable time.

Mistakes in Shipping & How to Use Software to Rise above Them

Here are the common mistakes in shipping and how shipping software can correct them

Writing Addresses by Hand 

Part of the digital transformation is moving for the old pen and paper methods to finish our day to day tasks.

While it would take an entire day to write addresses by hand, you can complete the process much faster if you incorporate shipping software for ecommerce and machines.

Besides speedy completion of the task, you’re also bound to generate more accurate addresses with the help of tech than when hand-writing them. Remember, miswritten addresses could confuse courier workers and leads to serious mistakes and costs to your business.

Queuing up In Courier Offices

For a committed business owner who has to run multiple errands in a day, it would be time-wasting to stand in a line for an hour or more at a courier’s office.

It can be annoying, especially after spending too much time on writing addresses. Plus, you not only end up paying more to ship through the office but also waste more time driving to the physical location. Remember, you can get freight picked up if you had the labels printed at home.

Moving from One Courier Website to The Next

It’s true that there no one size that fits all your shipping needs due to their different strengths and weaknesses and shipping rates.

It is also time consuming to navigate from site to site in search of this information and copy-paste all customers’ info into each site to generate and print your labels from there.

Shipping One Order at a go

No matter the courier service you are using, the way you plan your shipping activities matters. Completing one order at a go from start to finish will take a toll on your business— it is expensive and time-consuming.

It makes more sense to complete orders in batches. Organize your ecommerce shipping process by following this order; pick up the items to ship, pack them into freight, and then attach the labels.

The software helps you keep track of; what to ship to which location, on which day, ensuring you stay on top of your delivery.                               

Shipping Software Solutions: What to Look for In a Software

Again not all shipping software for ecommerce will optimize your shipping process. These platforms help you create shipping labels for your packages without the need to physically drive to a carrier or post office.

In general, combines and let you manage all orders from your selling platforms, e.g., eBay, as well as those from your shopping cart.

The best types will also allow you to import orders through CSV files from a platform that software fails to connect to right off the bat.

Look for the following feature in shipping software solutions.

Links to all Selling Channels and Shipping Services

Retailers that sell products on multiple channels have a hard time collecting orders into a simple list that can help fulfill them without a hassle.

This is where shipping software comes in to offer a hand. Because they are designed to help merchants ship orders across multiple sales platforms, most of them link to various channels and will send requests to you automatically.

Some shipping software for ecommerce offer unlimited connections while others will charge you for connecting to more than 1 or 2 platforms.

Allows You to Control Your Shipping Activities

The best tools allow you to stay on top of your shipping orders they way would like to. It should include features that allow you to accomplish different tasks like; viewing orders, filtering, quick searching, or personalizing views.

That way, you can choose suitable settings and organize your orders for delivery in a manner that fits your business case.

Enables You to Work in Batches

The whole concept behind shipping software solutions is to reduce workload and help you accomplish shipping tasks in the shortest time possible.

Check for batching features that will help you generate multiple labels (say a hundred or more) at a go.

The ability to have a stream of labels your printer beats writing addresses by hand or having to copy-paste them into a courier’s website.

Facilitates seamless syncing of Information

Can the software send tracking info to your sales channel and shopper? Well, it should be able to share this data back automatically and allow you to edit or customize any email it sends.

Some shipping software for ecommerce will even allow you to delay the delivery notification to give you time to print labels to and when they begin the mailing process.

Adapts to your future needs

Ensure the software you pick includes features that fit your business now and in the future. It should also be continuously upgrading to satisfy the changing needs of your company and links with existing and improving software.

In Conclusion

You can avoid the above shipping mistakes by searching for software that fit the changing needs of your company. Even the marketplaces you sell in use this software to accomplish their delivery tasks to their customers.