Shipping Tips to Increase Cross Border Sales

New-age tech has the power to sell even the smallest online business to the rest of the globe. Yet micro-businesses don’t target the millions of would-be customers past their borders.

Most of them are stuck in the dogma that selling internationally is a hassle, while another group believes their business is too small to serve the global market.  

In reality, the steps and regulations involved in growing your cross border sales through global shipping aren’t as complicated as you imagine.

Know What You’re Up for

Don’t dive in blindly. Educate yourself and your staffs before you make any moves to sell to shoppers in a foreign nation. It is important to identify any discrepancies that may influence your business.

Start by familiarizing with local rules. First, inquire whether it is legal to export items to your target market. For example, the United Kingdom prohibits the sale of horror comic books.

To increase your cross border sales, conduct thorough research— find out more by going through the customs website of the country you’re targeting. 

Global Shipping Tips: How to Expand Your Business Overseas

Here are some critical factors to consider when looking to boost your cross border sales.

Know their payment preferences

Understand how your target audience would like to make their payments. Credit cards are more popular in Europe and North America. In contrast, almost half of the Chinese population that purchases goods online does so through payment platforms like Union Pay or AliPay.

Learning the common payment methods among your would-be overseas customers will help you organize your payment in a manner that satisfies your shoppers’ needs.

Communication is Key

Engage with your overseas customers. Bridge the gaps between your business and your customers by providing multiple communication points.

Your customers should face difficulties trying to reach out to you. A good way to manage customer expectations and reduce confusion is to gain as much insight (as possible) about your target customer base.

You also need to provide contact information and guidance on your website so that visitors can know how to reach you before they even convert to customers.

Consider Your Cross-border Final Destination

For customers, the ecommerce experience continues until they receive their delivery. Remember, a satisfying product receiving experience could lead to repeat buying.

Make sure you partner with an international shipping service that’s pocket-friendly but does not compromise on meeting shopper expectations. Consider the following when selecting an international carrier service to boost your cross border sales.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Cross Border Shipping Solutions                 

Omnichannel hassle-free integration 

You need to partner with a global shipping service that easily integrates to your sales channels for easy taking and fulfillment of your orders. Does the service provider include customs documents in the label creation process?

The best cross border shipping solutions offers all the above and more helping you, and your customers avoid delivery headaches.

A Wide and Dependable Network

International customers need the same convenience as local shoppers.

Almost three-quarters of global shoppers want to have their products delivered at their doorsteps. The other quarter prefers alternative methods, like collecting from carrier offices or picking up at nearby retail outlets.

Ensure your delivery partner is well equipped to satisfy the needs of customers in your target overseas market.

Easy Tracking

Your freight service should allow shoppers to track their delivery and give feedback info, especially when a package delays.

First-Class Shipping Services

If possible, find a courier company that offers multiple options to users including express delivery, and coverage against possible losses during shipping.

Announce to your customer base that you partner with a service that offers premium options and specify the added fee that comes with these special services.


Breaking even in new-age ecommerce starts by concentrating on the best CX. But it is not easy to impress customers in a foreign land if you don’t make yourself familiar with their preferences.

As you think of the ways to convert overseas customers to buyers, also search for consumer data that will help you streamline your shipping and delivery process. That way, you can ensure your shoppers receive their products in good time and shape.