Why Small Business Owners Need a PO Box Address 

Entrepreneurs running ecommerce or in-store businesses may need a post office box for one reason or another.

The advantages of renting a PO Box with the USPS are far-reaching. You get professional mailing services, secure mail delivery, hassle-free access to your mails, and a variety of mailbox sizes and rental plans to choose from.

Considering the pros and limitations of a post office box can help you choose the best mailbox rental service.

PO Box at Post Office: Separate Business Mail form Personal Mail

Owning a PO Box at post office ensures a home-based micro-business or strictly ecommerce firm offers a more official mailing address. It allows you to distinguish between personal and business and mail.

A PO Box address is the best way to go if you do business in a small metropolis and wish to use a popular town name to register your business address. It gives you the flexibility you need because you have the freedom to choose a post office in your preferred location.

Plus, you even have the option of transferring your PO Box if you decide to move and do business in a different area. This ensures your activities go on as usual without interruptions.

If you're going to use your post office box as your business address and you've registered as a corporation, limited partnership or LLC, it makes more sense to seek a PO Box with a street address.

Luckily you can get this option with the USPS offers though it offers it at specific post office locations as a premium or first-class PO Box service.

For more information, visit the USPS website and utilize its post office locator tool to identify close by offices that provide the PO Boxes with street addresses.

The Pros of a PO Box

Below, we discuss the perks of a PO Box address to a micro-business owner.

Safer and More Private Mail

PO Boxes ensure more security than what you'd get with a mailbox in front of your house. The post office has a stricter monitoring system for all inflowing mail, and you have a lockable mailbox to restrict access.

That way, you enjoy peace of knowing that no one will steal your important letters dropped in the mailbox at your doorstep.

This advanced level of security and privacy ensures confidential documents with your info or business data only end up with authorized individuals.

There's less risk of having an unauthorized individual sign your name and collect your delivery from a post office because they often request for a signature as proof of collection.

Some Post Offices allow you to have your signature on file and let staff from the post office receive and hold the mail safely until you collect it. This level of convenience eliminates the bother of having to reschedule a mail delivery. 

Convenient Collection Times

PO Boxes are convenient for business owners who get caught up in a buzz of activities and only have time to check the mail.

A post office address holds all your mail in one place held until you find time to collect it.

Though some post offices only allow PO Box owners to collect mail during regular office hours, others extend their collection hours to late evenings and early mornings. This allows busy business owners to visit and pick up their packages after or before work.

If possible, go for a PO Box address in an accessible location (say the lobby) where you can reach 24 hours a day without incurring extra charges.

A Range of Rental Options

Depending on your mailing needs, a PO Box allows you to choose from a range of mailbox sizes compared to private mail service. When renting a PO Box that will fit your needs, consider the number and types of mail you expect and how often you plan to collect them.

Luckily, you can upgrade to a large box or go for a smaller one per the changing needs of your company. The USPS allows mail user to choose from the following options:

·        Extra small- accommodates up to 15 regular letters.

·        Small: holds up to 15 regular letters.

·        Medium: Good for businesses anticipating large flat envelopes but not thicker    items or large boxes.

·        Large: fits a couple of small boxes plus 15 letters.

·        Extra large: accommodates several letters and boxes.

Rental terms are flexible to allow you register for a permanent or yearlong or temporary PO Box address to use for a few months. And of course, the larger the box, the higher the rental cost.

Final words

Now you understand how convenient a PO Box is to any small business owner. You can now make arrangements to secure one that fits your business with the USPS.