How to Package Items for Shipping in a Way That Will Build Your Brand Reputation

Unlike in other businesses, there is no face to face contact between the seller and the buyer in online trade. The relationship between web-based merchants and their clients has always been the long-distance type.

With online retailers, shipping is the most fundamental aspect of creating an impression on the client. Shipping presents a chance for e-retailers to offer quality services to their clients.

Packaging complements branding in an ecommerce business. Learning how to package items for shipping leads to safe product delivery, and clients are generally satisfied when they receive their products in great shape.

In return, this promotes the brand name and increases the chances of customers placing another order.

How to Package and Ship Items: Things to Remember When Packaging

The following is a guide on how to package items for shipping.

Ensure Your Packaging Solution Protects Your Items

Clients will heartily appreciate attractive packages, but they will overreact when packages are damaged or have difficulty to open.

Remember, you are handling different people. Such inconveniences could lead to customers leaving bad reviews about your business.

Take all the necessary precautions when preparing a package to send to a shopper. Protect the products from risks like breakage or moisture.

Label your products accordingly. If products can break easily, indicate "fragile" so that it gets special handling.

If not sure about anything, ask for more info on how to package and ship items.

Brand Your Business Uniquely

Use packaging as an opportunity to brand yourself. Let your clients notice your products from far.

You can have unique labeling or mailing that distinguishes you from the rest. How you package and present products to your client matters a lot.

When dealing with high-end products like jewelry, avoid shouting labels to prevent products from being stolen. Choosing your packaging and labeling carefully ensures you promote your brand.

Be Professional and Excite Your Clients with Beautiful Presentations

The first thing clients notice after receiving their delivery is the box or the envelope. The first impression tells all about the shipment.

You should strive to make the experience mesmerizing for customers who receive your products. You can add a greeting note or a thank you note addressing the client by name.

Ensure these notes are printed and the wrapping has the company logo – it promotes the branding of your company.

Give Your Clients an Option to Return Items

Keep in mind that an item might fail to work or fail to satisfy the customer's expectations. Your customers expect to return any undesirable delivery. They expect the return process to be very positive and fulfilling.

You should, therefore, make it easy for clients to return items. During packaging, ensure you include a return label on the products.

Reliable support during the return of undesired items also builds your reputation. You must learn how to package items for shipping in a manner that will allow returns. For customers, it's the tiny things that matter most in business.

Set Pocket-friendly Rates

Generally, no one will scroll down on shipping companies online and fail to check on their charges. You should state your charges clearly for clients to understand easily.

Use the right boxes for the correct items. Ensure your shipping items fit the boxes well. Remember dimensions and weight measure boxes.

In the case of small items, you can use a mailing option. It is quite cost-effective when shipping low sized products.

Remember to add padding material in the boxes. Cushioning material safeguards items in the box, preventing them from dangling and ensuring they get to the clients in good condition.

Mind the Environment

The online shipping business has an impact on the environment. Some of the packing materials are quite unfriendly to the environment.

Packaging contributes to a great extent of non-industrial waste worldwide. Online merchants should, therefore, adapt to environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Use packaging materials that are biodegradable and can be recycled, such as cardboard to save the environment.

Recycled packaging material is also cheap. Thus, this also cuts on packaging costs.

Publicize your e-Commerce Business 

 Your web-based store depends on online channels. These markets create an excellent platform to reach as many people as you can and tell them about your business.

Today the internet is a chill spot for all and sundry. It's not like before when we didn't have the internet. Use social media, ads, and other platforms to get you noticed.


You must treat your customers well if you want them to be repeat buyers. Remember, the first impression matters most in building a relationship with your client so you must how to package items for shipping.

Because unique packaging is essential for any e-commerce business, you should spend quality time packaging your items before shipping.