The postal exam is challenging enough as it is but the memory portion is notorious for derailing most people. It’s where most people face issues because any mistakes made will cost you points. Another reason why the memory portion is so difficult is that it can be time-consuming.
You’re only given 10 to 15 minutes to memorize a sheet which is then taken away from you. You’re then expected to answer the questions before you, based on what you can remember from that sheet. Just describing it seems daunting so you can imagine the pressure when you’re attempting it.
If you’re worried about this area – don’t be. We’re offering you some helpful tips to overcome the challenges in the memory portion of the postal exam.

Tips to Overcome Challenges in the Memory Portion of the Postal Exam

1. Try Mnemonic Memory Tricks

When it comes to memory questions, it’s time to try out mnemonic memory tricks. You might have had to deal with a few in your schooling year. The most common one is the PEMDAS mnemonic memory trick for mathematics.
It’s a sentence that is easy to learn, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Susie which comes out to mean PEMDAS. It helps you remember how to solve math problems by focusing on the Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add and Subtract. You’ll need to brush your mnemonic skills so you’re able to make up your own when you’re memorizing the memory portion of the postal exam.

2. Work out Different Answer Techniques

The mnemonic memory trick isn’t the only way to memorize stuff; you might be more comfortable with speed reading, flashcards or even just reading and re-reading the questions. However, don’t leave this up to chance. Make sure that you have a memorization answering technique worked out.
The best way to do this is by applying the techniques and seeing which you are most comfortable with. You might want to tweak the strategy a bit too to fit in with your answering methodology. Do not leave this up to the last minute. You should have figured out the memory portion and the answering technique weeks before the postal exam.

3. Test Yourself with Time Limits

If memorizing the question sheet wasn’t enough, you also have to answer the questions within a given time limit. This limit isn’t set in stone but it helps with time management. You do have to answer 398 questions in 2.4 hours. Out of this, the memory portion has 72 questions which must be attempted in 13 minutes.
That’s why it is a good idea to have a study guide. This will help you to attempt the test while applying the time constraints. Additionally, you can also apply the answering methodology in this manner. Remember that the study guide is meant to help you prepare and refine your answering technique. So, don’t be afraid to tweak anything which isn’t helping you earn a high score.
With the help of these tricks and tips, you can ensure that you can pass the memory portion of the postal exam and don’t lose any points here!