When you want to make a quiz for engagement, you might have an aimless approach. Engagement can be a tricky thing to target if you’re not aware of it. Quizzes are naturally designed to be interactive and interactive content is said to be among the top forms of creating engagement.
So, is your quiz falling short in this department? Luckily, it’s not very hard to make a quiz for engagement. You just have to focus on a few key components.

Secrets to Making a Quiz for Engagement 

The following are some secrets that can help you make the perfect quiz for any kind of engagement:

1. Pick a Popular Topic

It’s always easiest to pick a topic that’s popular to make a quiz. This can be determined based on your target audience’s preferences. Or, you can take an easy route and make a quiz revolving around popular things in the media. From TV series to books, cartoons and even just foods, if you’re creative enough, you can make any topic popular.
Creating engagement in this manner is easier because people want to know if they’re like Carrie or Samantha from Sex in the City. It doesn’t matter if the show finished in 2004. Tap into the nostalgia of the show. Yes, it has been a decade but the characters of the show are iconic for most people.

2. Add Eye-Catching Visuals

Now that you have picked out the topic, it’s time to focus on the visuals. Statistics show that visual content is actually more popular. Over 90% of the content online is largely visual as well. So, tap into this area and make your content more visual.
If you want to make your quiz better, make sure that you’re able to incorporate better visual content into it. Even if you’re using text, add a colored background to it. This also makes it more along the lines of visual content. It’s a small thing but it will make a significant difference in your engagement.  

3. Link to Your Inventory

Whenever possible, link the quiz to your inventory. This is one of the core things you should do, especially if you want to make a quiz for engagement. Doing so lets you not only boost engagement but also apply it and generate leads.
For example, if you want to make a quiz for shopping, add images of clothes from your inventory. When you show the results, link it to more products or show them a style according to their choices. It will definitely create engagement, generate leads and interest in your products.

4. Make the Content Interesting

Always make sure that you’re using interesting content. By interesting content, we mean that you’re showing results in detail. For example – If someone took your Winnie the Pooh quiz and the result says they are like Eeyore, you should explain why.
The content for the questions and the headline of the quiz topic should also be interesting. These two elements are the biggest ways you can grab the attention of your target audience. So, think and write wisely.
BuzzFeed has had immense success in this area by making quizzes focusing on travel, hobbies or even just telling people what kind of potato they are. If they can do it, you can too!