The American postal service may be considered to be a doorway to a fulfilling and lucrative career. This has a lot to do with the fact that this is organization is one of the single largest employers in the country. This enables the service to offer a whole range of diverse career options, that may suitall types of people. In fact, this is one of the few places where you will be able to find a permanent position as per your temperament, your educational qualifications and your aptitude.
For example, if you love a sedentary lifestyle and prefer an office environment and a steady 9 to 5 hours job, you will find that the US postal service is a perfect fit. Conversely, if you are in love with the great outdoors you should consider working as a postman.This way, you will be able to get plenty of fresh air as you deliver mail and parcels all over your beat.

How to Join the Service?

Here, It is pertinent to note that securing a long term position in the US postal service is not an easy task. In fact, just about each and every job has its very own eligibility criteria. You will have to pass the Postal exam 473 (for instance) before your application will be taken into consideration for any suitable vacancy. Apart from that, there are many different requirements for most jobs in the service.
For example, if you are underaged, you cannot apply for any job with the service. Apart from that, you will have to clear multiple drug tests, medical tests and psychological assessments before your application will be shortlisted.  Finally, shortlisted applicants will also have to face several criminal background checks. This last is very important because the government wants to make sure that it does not inadvertently hire any criminals amongst its ranks.

Career Choice

The service is not interested in people who see postal service jobs as a temporary stop-gap measure until they are able to move on in search of greener pastures.  One of the main reasons the service offers many fringe benefits and privileges to its employees is because it encourages a lifelong commitment to the organization.
Moreover, it does not under any circumstances allow any over or covert racism or other sort of unprofessional behavior and discrimination.  Especially on the basis of caste, creed, religion, and orientation.


In light of the above, it can easily be seen that a career in the postal service is one of the best decisions you can make in life. However, it is imperative that you take the exams and tests seriously so that you can enter the exalted ranks of this service.