Hard work and ambition are undoubtedly important prerequisites for achieving success in one’s career. However, it is also important for you to recognize valuable opportunities when they present themselves to you. Only by directing your hard work and ambition towards the right opportunities in life will you be able to achieve the kind of success and growth you desire.

One such valuable opportunity is working for the federal government. The government of the United States is one of the largest employers in the country and this is why the federal government offers excellent benefits to its employees. Continue reading this article to find out the different perks of doing federal jobs.    

Lesser Known Benefits of Doing a Federal Job

1. Competitive Salary Packages with High Increases in Compensation

The first and most important benefit of doing federal jobs is that they are well-paying. Let’s just be honest and admit that money is a good motivator to get up early each morning for work. Furthermore, with living costs increasing by the day and student loans to pay off, everyone wants to start their career with good pay.

This is why federal jobs are so appealing to people. Federal jobs do not only offer competitive starting salary packages but also come with the benefit of high increases in compensation throughout your career. According to statistics, an average federal civil employee was given an increase of $ 1.91 in compensation compared to every $1 given to an average private employee. This proves that you will receive almost double increases in compensation if you work for the federal government.

2. Higher Job Security

Job security is another important benefit to look for when starting your career. With the unstable global economy, sudden layoffs and downsizing is a constant threat in the private sector. This keeps people on the edge and they work overtime and harder to please their bosses. They want to prove themselves as worthy employees so that they are not let go of when times get hard. 

On the other hand, federal jobs offer much greater levels of job security. Since you are working for the government, your employer is better able to handle any recessions in the economy. This is why employees in the public sector have a much lower risk of getting terminated. This means you will have more peace of mind and stability in your career if you are a federal employee.

3. Better Work-Life Balance 

The corporate sector is known to be highly competitive. It is a common practice for bosses in the private sector to ask their workers to work on public holidays or even reject annual leaves when they need more people to handle the extra load of work. This can leave employees feeling frustrated and overworked.

On the other hand, federal jobs offer a healthier work-life balance to their workers. They have strict laws about hours of duty, annual leaves, sick leaves, and public holidays. As a result, the federal government gives more vacation and holidays to their employees. According to several reports, federal civilian employees receive roughly 1.5 years more of paid leaves over the course of their entire careers as compared to private employees.
We hope this article motivates you to apply for federal jobs now that you are fully aware of the surprising perks that come with it.