Getting a job with the US Postal Service is a dream come true for many. This is why millions of Americans apply for it each year. Out of these, only a few thousands are selected based on a variety of factors.
If you are serious about getting a Postal Service job, then you must start preparing for it as soon as you can. This will help increase your chances of making it through the different tests, assessments, and interviews.

Tips to Get a Postal Service Job Fast

If you want to get a USPS job fast, then here are some tips that will help you get hired quickly.

Find a Placement Orientation Assistant

If you want a headstart in the Postal Service job hunt, then find someone who is already in the service to help you out. These people, also known as placement orientation assistants, help candidates in joining the USPS. Since they have taken the exams and appeared for interviews themselves, they can guide you better on how to prepare for the exams and interviews.
Find someone to walk you through the process of examination and interviews. This will increase your chances of securing a job with the USPS.

 Do Practice Tests

There are different parts of the Postal Service exams that you will have to clear if you want a job with the postal service. One of the most important tests is the 473 exam. This is where most of the candidates fail to perform well and get rejected.
The key to performing better is preparation and practice. You will find several practice tests online that can help you attempt each part of the exam efficiently. The higher you score in these tests, the higher your chances of being called in for an interview.
Thus, attempt as many practice tests as possible. This will not only acquaint you with the pattern of the test but will also help you time yourself effectively.

 Learn Routes

While postal service jobs are a lot more than delivering posts and packages to the right places at the right time, this is still an important part of the postal service. For this, you must remember all the important routes by heart. Learning as many routes as possible will also help you ace in your postal exams as they are a major part of the memory section. Understanding the routes is always better than cramming.

Beware of Negative Marking

Yes, some parts of the postal exams have negative marking for wrong answers. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before starting any section of the exam. If there is negative marking, only attempt the questions you are sure to get correct. Leave the rest of them blank as that is better than being marked negatively for them.


These were some simple but important tips on how to get a Postal Service job fast. With these tips, you will go to take the postal exam well-prepared, which is the key to performing better. Just take it easy and prepare for the exams as much as you can. Take help from practice tests and you will be able to secure a job with the USPS.