Benefits of Federal Jobs

The topic of federal jobs is likely to bring about very different responses from people. Some will picture cushy jobs in sleek suits as federal agents. Others will think about boring work in cubicles.
The reality, however, lies somewhere between these two images.
All federal jobs are not boring and drab affairs. However, they are not always glamorous as well. For most people, the consideration of benefits usually doesn’t factor in when they are applying to federal jobs. It is thought that federal jobs offer poor compensation and benefits.
That is a misconception and one we will be happy to clear below. Federal jobs offer benefits and compensation at par—or slightly more than— their private sector counterparts. They also have non-monetary benefits of their own.

Job Security 

Job security and stability aren’t always guaranteed in the private sector. Barring the positions at the highest levels, you can be laid off quite easily if the situation calls for it. That is different in federal jobs, for better and worse.
Once you have a federal job, you are set for life. Some people argue that a stable and secure job is far more important than a high salary in today’s turbulent times.

Extended Leaves

Private jobs often don’t have very generous leave policies. The number of annual leaves is limited and securing approval is cumbersome.
In comparison, federal jobs are much more relaxed when it comes to leaves and the policies for them. On average, government employees have more days off, more vacations, and more holidays. This can net you a lot of days in a year to rest, recharge, and spend time with family.

Generous Health and Retirement Benefits

Federal jobs provide substantial health insurance and retirement benefits across all levels of employment.
The Federal Healthcare Benefits Program for federal employees provides the most comprehensive plans anywhere. On the whole, federal health insurance is more worthwhile than private insurance. It steps up in generosity post-retirement and offers favorable terms and costs.
Similarly, retirement plans are generous as well for federal employees. You are likely to get any combination of pensions, saving, and investment plans or state property. Working a federal job may not land you a house immediately, but you will be guaranteed substantial assets by the end.


Unlike private jobs, federal jobs are not centered on some areas. You can find a federal job in any place in any state. There are lots of opportunities for foreign missions possible as well.
Your qualifications are not isolated to a particular location. Positions can be found just about anywhere. This provides adaptability and mobility.


Federal jobs are an option which more fresh and young graduates should apply for. In a world where job competition is already so high, they are a safe and sure means of landing your feet and gaining experience.
Most importantly, your work will be going towards some eventual social or national goal as well. Who doesn’t want their work to play some impact in bettering society?