Benefits of US Postal Service Jobs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers many benefits in its compensation package. The base salary is decent but the additional perks are the real attractive parts of a USPS job.
You can apply for a USPS job by passing the postal exam first. Once you clear that, you will be well on your way to a career in the USPS. The following is a breakdown of the many perks and offerings which are standard in a USPS job package.

Health Insurance

A United States postal service job automatically lands you coverage with the post office health insurance. This is a standard requirement for all USPS employees. The USPS is part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.
Under this program, you will be entitled to 2/3 coverage of your insurance premiums. This extends well into retirement so you will have medical security for life. There are a number of plans you can choose from.

Social Security and Life Insurance

All new inductees in the USPS are granted automatic coverage of social security, Medicare and a USPS life insurance policy.The great benefit of this perk is that your family is eligible for the life insurance policy as well. You can sign up for additional life insurance which will be deducted from your salary.

Dental Benefits and Vision Insurance

The USPS also offers optional insurance plans for dental and vision treatments. You can sign up for these benefits as a group and avail more affordable rates. This can help you control medical expenses for dental situations immensely.

Holiday and Leave Policy

United States postal service jobs have very generous policies for holidays and leaves. As a USPS employee, you will be entitled to 10 holidays and 13 days of vacations or sick leave. The number of days you can take off increases after the first 3 years.
You can also compound any leftover sick leaves and carry them over to the next year. This can grant you a greater number of days to take off.

Retirement Plans

USPS also offers several retirement plans and thrift saving schemes. These will be decided through your age and years of service with USPS.
This is a very good benefit to have as security in your retirement age. You will have a guaranteed source of pensions leaving you financially independent.

Transport Benefits

As a USPS employee, you will have the privilege of access to tax free public transportation. You will not be charged taxes for public transportation or parking tickets.
This can make life much easier since you will not have to worry about expensive parking tickets. Commutes will be easier and cheaper. Every penny saved counts in the end.


As you can see, life in the USPS is a good one. With the many benefits and compensation perks available, you will not feel a burden on your finances. Even with a normal salary you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.