Postal exam 473 is one of the most important tests to pass if you want to get a job with the United States Postal Service. If you want to get a USPS job, then you must do well in this exam. This test proves that you are fit for a job with the Postal Service and is thus paramount in the entire recruitment process.
You can only pass this test if you are well-prepared. Therefore, you must start preparing for this test as soon as you can. This will give you ample time to acquaint yourself with the test and divide your time between different sections efficiently.

Important Mistakes to Avoid

To help all the aspiring candidates, we have listed here some important mistakes to avoid when preparing for postal exam 473.

 1. Using Outdated Guides

While study guides are very helpful in preparing you for the postal exam 473, choosing the wrong guide can be costly. It is easy to find outdated and wrong study guides for this part of the exam. These guides will have a limited amount of information and most of it may be outdated.
When you use such outdated study guides, you will be at risk of failing the test. Therefore, make sure you only choose study guides from reputable and trustworthy sources. This will help you prepare well for the exam and pass it with flying colors.

 2. Not Practicing

If you want to do well in postal exam 473, then you must practice for the exam as much as you can. This will help you understand the pattern of the test and the type of questions you should expect. It will save you a lot of time and hassle on the day of the test.
You will not be able to do well in the final test if you have not worked on some realistic practice tests. You will find several practice tests online that you can take help from. These will help you perform better on the day of the test.

 3. Not Keeping a Track of Time

Postal exam 473 is a timed test. You must practice completing the test within the allocated time if you wish to get a job with the USPS. You must maintain a specific speed to answer all the questions. This is only possible if you time yourself when attempting practice tests.
If you don’t keep a track of time when attempting practice tests, you will never know how much time you need to spend on each question. This is a common mistake many people preparing for postal exams make.


These were some common mistakes that you must avoid making when you are preparing for postal exam 473. The more you practice, the higher your chances of performing better in the final exam. It is important to practice as much as you can taking help from practice tests.
Make sure you get the latest and updated practice tests online that can help you score better on the postal exam 473.