What to Know About US Federal Jobs

The US federal government usually has around 100,000 jobs lying vacant at any given point in time. But many such vacancies are not filled because a large number of candidates are sure that the eligibility criteria for securing such coveted jobs are too high.
Moreover, many applicants also consider the entire process a bit too convoluted to even be worth the effort. But this is an outright fallacy. Depending on the nature and scope of the position, all American citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) are invited to send their applications.
But there is a big drawback. The extended waiting period, vetting and shortlisting procedures take tale a long time.  In fact, the entire process can easily stretch up to one and a half years.
If you are looking for a job as soon as possible, the wait can seem too long. But getting hired by the federal government is really worth the wait as well as all the effort. This is because US federal jobs are not just jobs but more of a lifelong career choice. One that comes with a wide number of benefits. Some of the advantages of working for the American government include the following:

  • Paid vacations
  • Excellent healthcare benefits for the entire family
  • Post job pensions
  • Life insurance
  • Training, and development programs
  • Sick leaves, and a whole lot more

However, it is important that you should apply only for a position that you are qualified to undertake.  For example, if you have barely finished high school and are on the lookout for your first paying job. You cannot, of course, apply for a deputy director-level position.
Apart from your educational qualification and work experience you will also have to submit your resume according to a particular style. Lastly, you should be able to pass all of the examinations and tests that are associated with that position.  Some of the more important US job categories include the following ones:

The Competitive Service (USTCS) 

This is the largest source of federal jobs in the American government. This is why it is a very popular option for anyone interested in making a career in the federal government.

The Senior Executive Service (USSES) 

All sort of recruitment for this particular tier is not considered to be easy by any means. This is because the USSES has some of the top-level positions of the US government. The criteria for such jobs are extremely stringent and you will have to pass a battery of tests and examinations before you will be considered eligible for such a position.


Getting a job in the coveted federal government is certainly worth the wait and the hassle of going through all those exams, tests and the prolonged waiting period. The lucrative salary packages and other benefits will make it worth your while.