When it comes to the postal exam, there are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions floating around. This can lead to giving you the wrong impression about the exam. Yes, there is some truth behind the facts you find, such as high failing rate the exam has. On the other hand, not everything you hear about this test is true.
If you’re thinking of sitting for the postal exam 473, it is necessary to make sure that you’re clear about the exam. It’ll play a huge role in helping alleviate some exam anxiety and making sure that you pass successfully. For this reason, we’re listing down the main things you should know about this exam.

Things to Know About the Postal Exam

The following are the things you should pay attention to:

1. It’s a Time Limited Test

One of the major areas to pay attention to is that the postal exam is a time limited test. You are only given 2.4 hours to answer nearly 400 questions. This can sound daunting but it is not impossible to finish the test on time.
For starters, the answers are available in a format that is easy to answer. Additionally, effective time management will ensure that you are able to complete the test on time. In fact, if you consider it, the postal exam’s various portions can be answered within the following time limits:

  • Part A – Address Checking – 60 Questions to answer within 11 minutes
  • Part B – Form Completion – 30 Questions that will be answered in 30 minutes
  • Part C – Section 1 – Coding – 36 Questions to answer in 6 minutes
  • Part C – Section 2 – Memory – 36 Questions that will be answered in 7 minutes
  • Part D – Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory – 236 Questions to be answered in 90 minutes

Practice makes perfect here which means that you will need to use a good study guide in order to answer these questions.

2. There is a Memory Portion

Another area to focus on is the memory portion. This is the area where most people end up losing most of their marks. It’s very difficult to answer this portion without the method. You will have to use a study guide and also ensure that you’re using a memorization tricks that you can apply quickly.
Additionally, take the time to test and try out different memorization tricks. For some, mnemonic learning aids might be useful whereas for others, flashcards or mock exams might be a better option.

3.You Can’t Prepare for It in One Day

Never assume that you can just wing-it in the postal exam. Unfortunately, this is a method that most people have for their tests and exams. However, the postal exam is used to fill in nearly 70% of all positions available in the USPS. That’s why it is bound to be so tough.
Plus if you pull an all-nighter trying to learn as much as possible, you will only end up stressed, short on sleep and being more tired than ever. By preparing weeks in advance, you will be more relaxed and mentally prepared to handle the difficulty of the postal exam.

Final Word

By focusing on these, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that come with attempting the postal exam.