Why are Online Quizzes Becoming Popular among Teachers? 

Let’s just admit it: the pressure of a quiz is terrifying for every student. Students always feel they didn’t get enough time to fully prepare to give a quiz in class. They always come up with reasons to try and convince their teacher to delay the quiz. When a teacher rejects such requests, they often start getting anxious about how they will perform. 
This is why the modern academic world has found the perfect solution to this problem: online quizzes. Not only have online they put an end to the constant debate of delaying quizzes in class, they also come with many other advantages for teachers. This is why more and more teachers are switching to this testing method all around the world.

Online Quizzes Give Instant Results

Many online quizzes come with the option of digital checking. This means teachers no longer have to spend hours checking answer sheets and can save their precious time preparing for lectures.
This is especially useful for quizzes with objective answers like the multiple choice question pattern. Since there is no explanation given by the student, there is no point of reading every single answer sheet. Teachers can simply make a quiz online and have it checked by the same software.
Furthermore, receiving instant results will also delight your students as they no longer have to go weeks without getting their graded tests. Students will be able to see how they did on a test and focus to improve on the areas their performance lacked. This is how online quizzes are a win-win situation for teachers as well as students.

Online Quizzes Help Teachers Reinforce Facts

As explained earlier, it is less time consuming and easier to make a quiz online. This means teachers can take online quizzes more often. Regular online quizzes can be a way of reinforcing facts because they push students to study and revise more often. Moreover, they allow teachers to test the conceptual understanding of students and then correct it.
This means that teachers can take a test at the end of every chapter to test how well students have understood it. If there are any misunderstandings among the majority of the students, the teacher can explain that topic once again.

Online Quizzes Enable Teachers to Track Topic-Based Performance 

 Another big reason teachers prefer to make a quiz online is due to the analytical tools that come with an online quiz. Such tools give teachers insights such as what percentage of students answered a question correctly on a quiz.
This shows that these tools actually help teachers identify which topics the students are struggling to understand. As a result, teachers can address the confusions clarify misconceptions in the next class. This topic-based performance tracking leads to more productive learning overall.


As you can see, there are many reasons why teachers should incorporate online quizzes as a testing method into their academic program. Online tests help provide teachers the opportunity to give instant results, the ability to reinforce facts, and the power to track topic-based performance. All of these benefits put an instructor in a better position to cater to the needs of their students.