The U.S. Postal Service is one of the single largest employers in the world today. The organization offers applicants a wonderful opportunity to apply for the positions they want. They can take the requisite tests and exams at almost any time, subject to their qualifications and aptitude.
As a general rule, the average postal service entrance exam is a highly competitive affair. This is due to the sheer number of applicants that apply, and it easily swamps the number of positions that are available at any given point in time.

Creating your own eCareer Online Profile

Before you can apply for any position with the US Postal Service, it is imperative that you register and create your own personal ‘online eCareer’ profile as a candidate. Any information you provide will be automatically inserted into the job applications that you submit for specific positions in the postal service.
However, the information can be freely edited whenever you want. Here it is pertinent to note that the email address that you give should always be current and correct. This is important, otherwise, the Postal Service will not be able to contact you whenever any employment opportunity that best matches your qualifications is up for grabs.

You Should Search Through the Different Job Listings

The Postal Service advertises openings when they occur. In other words, when a post office has to hire an employee, its local postmaster will be responsible for posting that specific position on the Postal Service website. If you are interested in availing that opportunity, you should start combing the job listings. Once you find a suitable position, you should apply for it as soon as possible. Once you have completed the whole online application procedure, you will be asked to take the requisite exam at any of the service's local testing sites.

Which Exam Should You Take?

Job opportunities and openings in the United States Postal Service are always posted by their job titles and every specific title will require you to pass its exam. If you can pass the exam, you will be placed on a list known as the ‘eligible register’. After that,  you will have to give an interview for that particular job position.
A high test score can be very useful for securing a job. But you should always remember that if you don’t fill out your application form completely, or inadvertently miss out on some fields then it is possible that your application may be rejected. This way, you will not be able to get an interview.
As a general rule, most of the entry-level positions such as window clerk, postman, as well as all those jobs that are concerned with handling sorting and delivering parcels and letters and the like, will require the applicants to take the 473 postal exams.


While the postal exam 473 may not be a cast-iron guarantee for a career in the US postal services, clearing it is your first step towards your dream job!