Here Are A Few Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Working For The USPS

Having a good career that you can remember without any harsh feelings is a good thing in one’s life. Having retired from the post office employment, some retirees have had very good reviews about postal office jobs and the kind of impact they have had in their lives. Additionally, they have left their experiences as postal technicians, postal carriers and postal clerks.

Here is what a few of them had to say about their work there

1. Bowman’s story

Bowman is a retired postal worker who started off as a part time postal clerk in 1984. His story involves a six month wait period after he had applied to the Jamestown Post Office, the opportunity for post office employment having been presented to him shortly before, and got the job courtesy of a transfer of an employee to another branch of the post office. He also states that if he had to choose on whether to go back to postal office jobs once again, he would go back to it.

2. Christine’s story

Christine’s job was sorting mail on a mail train, her biggest achievement, as stated by her is the fact that she was a source of so much inspiration for many at the time she was working at the post office. Additionally, she also says that if she had her way, she would have wanted her only daughter to take over the mantle from her. However, due to the daughter’s insistence on working in another career, she decided to leave room for another person to continue serving the citizens.

3. Dan’s story

This is not the real name of the retiree. However, his story is one filled with the love for postal office jobs. His career started when he decided to stop working for private companies as an electrical technician. According to Dan, his, mother in law’s constant praise of post office employment was one of the major factors that led to him applying for the postal office job. From then, he worked as a postal technician for twenty seven years, an experience that has been fulfilling on all ends. Dan says that the most important thing for him while working was the fact that customers got their mail on time and that so many people relied on him. To him, being a postal technician was way better than just being an electrical technician.

4. Jane’s story

This widow and mother of two is very proud of the experience she had working with other postal clerks for over twenty five years. Her achievement is evidenced by the relaxed life, enjoying her retirement benefits and owning a restaurant in her neighborhood.

5. Troy’s story

This retired postal worker’s story is one that clearly articulates the results of postal office employment. According to Troy, everything he now owns, including his lifestyle and ambitions were all results of working at a post office for thirty two years, even though he had to wait for two years to get an interview. He says he looked forward to Monday, just so that he could report to his job.