Securing a job with the United States Postal Service is a dream come true for many. It is not easy to get a job with the USPS, and there are many steps one has to go through. One of the most important and crucial steps is taking the postal exam 473 and others. In fact, the difficulty level has made this exam one of the most notorious exams out there.
However, there are so many myths surrounding these postal exams that it raises a lot of doubts in the minds of the applicants.

Common Myths Regarding the Postal Exam

Here is a list of such myths that we will debunk today so that you can prepare for and take the postal exams confidently.

1. Postal Exams are Easy

One of the most common misconceptions about postal exam 473 is that it is simple and easy. Many candidates don’t come well-prepared for the test and think that they will pass it with minimum preparation. However, this is not the case.
Did you know that only 10-20% of the candidates clear this test? Yes, you read that right. This exam is the first step of the hiring process and is used for almost 70% of all USPS jobs. It consists of different parts, all of which require different techniques.
A number of candidates fail in this test because they come ill-prepared. They think that they will pass the test with little preparation and fail to allocate the right amount of time to each section. They also don’t know the techniques to use for each section, which leads to their failure. Thus, candidates must not take it lightly as postal exam 473 is anything but easy.

2. Postal Exam 473 Can Be Retaken Any Time

Many candidates believe that they will retake the test any time they want if they don’t make it through on the first attempt. While you can retake the test, you can’t do so at your own preference. You can only retake the test 120 days after appearing for the test the first time.
In addition, you can also not retake the exam for the same position. You can only retake it if you are applying for a different position. Your new score will only be applicable for the current and future jobs that you apply for. As for the previous vacancies, your old score will be considered.

3. Passing 473 Guarantees You a Job

While passing the postal exam 473 brings you a step closer to securing a job with the USPS, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get the postal service job that you applied for. A number of candidates apply for the same position and take the postal exams. They are ranked as per their score. Someone with a score higher than you will be given priority over you.
Furthermore, this is not the only step you need to pass to land a job with the USPS. There is a series of interviews and other steps that you will need to go through as well.


These were some common myths about postal exam 473 that you shouldn’t believe in. You can only do well if you come well-prepared for the test.