Before you pursue a particular career, you must consider the pay and perks involved with the job. When it comes to working at a post office, you get to earn a decent amount of money. And, it doesn’t just stop there. Apart from the money you make, the compensation for working overtime is one of the many reasons to pursue this career. 

Benefits of Postal Office Jobs

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of postal jobs.

1. Health Insurance

One of the best things about pursuing a career in US postal service is the health insurance you receive. The United States Postal Service, being a part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Programs, takes care of 2/3 health insurance premiums for its current as well as retired employees. Furthermore, employees of the US postal service get to choose from a variety of insurance premiums available.   

2. Career Development

People, who have a penchant for learning, get to learn a lot during a postal job. The US postal service possesses a center for training and development which allows postal workers to work with postal technological tools. Apart from that, there are training programs for people who want to acquire leadership roles.

3. Retirement Plans  

The United States postal service actively takes part in the federal retirement program. This provides older employees with pension and coverage for disability, depending upon their age and the number of years they have served. Furthermore, the postal employees get to contribute to the thrift savings plan. This is similar to the retirement plans in the corporate sector.

4. Social Security

Postal jobs in the United States of America cover their new employees with social security, medical care, and a life insurance plan. The families of these employees get to be covered by basic life insurance. The employees working at a post office in the US get to avail extra life insurance through deductions from their payroll.

5. Leaves and Holidays

Postal employees in the United States get 10 official holidays on an annual basis. During the first three years of employment, a postal employee can take 13 sick leaves in a year. After the first three years, they are allowed to take 20 sick leaves a year. After 15 years of working in the postal service, an employee gets to take 26 sick leaves a year. If an employee serves a certain portion of his/her career in the military service, the period served will be counted as the years served.

Final Thoughts

postal job not only pays well but also provides you with a number of benefits that are unheard of in the private sector. Not only does it benefit you, but also sustains your family. If they above-mentioned benefits compelled you to join the postal service, you might want to start preparing for the 473E examination right now.