How I Increase My Chances Of Passing The Postal Test

For anyone to succeed in whatever kind of test he or she is taking, including the postal test, improved memory is very important, the ability to recall things. If you have had a hard time memorizing information, there are many ways in which you can improve your memory power.

The following methods help me boost my memory:


The brain is at the core of any activity that requires thinking such as taking a postal exam. Exercise has a positive impact on the brain. It causes certain types of proteins to be released, which foster the health of the brain. Through exercise, the nerves in the brain are strengthened, the interconnections improved and the brain is protected from damage. All these will help in promoting critical thinking and other cognitive functions. It will also lead to better retention of information by the brain. The coding and memory section of the postal exam 473 requires good memory of numbers, that is, addresses and zip codes.


What you allow into your system has effects on the brain. A diet full of junk food, processed sugars and high fat protein is not good at all for your general health, including the brain. I avoid such food by all means; instead I take fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and low sugar level carbohydrates. The fresh vegetables and fruits provide my brain with vitamins such as B6, B12, C and Ewhich work toward boosting my memory. To pass the tests involved when looking for postal jobs, I observe a healthy diet, every day. It is not only for my brain but also for the general functioning of my body.

I exercise religiously

With proper exercise and a healthy diet in my routine, it is time to focus on the test itself. My body is in a good state already. As the cliché goes ‘practice makes perfect’, it is the same for getting federal jobs such as postal service jobs. The more I take the model tests for the postal jobs the more my memory on postal content improves. My brain gets used to the data because it is exposed to it as often as possible. This is important, especially for the coding and memory sections of the postal exam that require a good memory to deal with the addresses and the codes.


This activity of the brain involves relating information, such that when I see a letter or a number I know what it stands for. In this case, the numbers are the addresses and the codes. Mnemonic exercises help me link a word to something I want to remember. This way, am able to memorize the numbers in the coding and memory section of the postal test.

Grouping numbers

It is hard memorizing digits when they appear together. I divide them into chunks that my brain can easily handle and remember at the same time. So if a code is for example 301278, I portion it into 30 12 78 to make it easy for me to remember.