Things You Should Avoid When Preparing For The Postal Exam

The benefits that come with postal jobs can be very tempting that you get carried away while studying for the Exam 473. But you can never be really ready until you have sat for it and passed it. Like every other job in the market, there are things you have to know and one of them is that you are going to have to prove that you are a good fit for it. While it is true that passing the postal exam 473 is paramount for the postal office employment, it is also true only the very well prepared pass this test. Many failures have been attributed to certain matters that have a bearing on how one studies for this exam.

Mistakes done while studying for the Exam 473

1. Using the wrong or outdated study guide

Technology has brought many changes to how people study for postal exams and qualify as postal clerks, postal carriers or postal technicians. Using an outdated study guide is exactly how one should not study for the exam. This is because, they are likely to have very limited to no information at all on the exam content. Anyone using such a guide runs the risk of failing the test even before they take it.

2. Not studying effective test taking strategies

This is especially important when it comes to the memory section. One is required to remember as much as possible in the exam. Therefore, the inability to approach it with the required and most effective strategies can prove to be bad for an individual seeking to get one of the post office jobs. The cause of such things happening often results from the use of an outdated study guide. Hence, to study efficiently for the exam, you must ensure that they employ good test taking strategies as outlined in the updated study guide.

3. Not having a good grasp of computerized realistic practice exams

As stated earlier, technology has brought some advancements in how the Postal Exam 473 is done. To that effect, the exam is now computerized, meaning that everything is done virtually; there are no pencils and papers used. The realistic practice exams that were done using pencil and paper are different from the computerized version. Studying for the electronic realistic practice using pencil and paper will only result in failure, as one will be completely oblivious of what the postal exams are all about.

4. Not doing sample realistic practice exams

Practice makes perfect. It does not matter if a concept is not familiar to you, as long as you practice it often before the exam. Failing to take advantage of sample realistic practice postal tests will have the result of alienating you from the exam you will have to face.

5. Being keener on knowledge than mastering unusual skills and speed

Good speed is required when it comes to the exam 473. Instead of insisting on acquiring extensive theoretical knowledge, you should practice extensively to ensure that you master the speed required and the skills that are favorable. There are more things that you should not do when taking the postal test, but these few things will be a good start for you.