Why You Should Ship Promotional Products Along With the Customer’s Order

Marketing in all its forms is an excellent and smart way of creating a lasting relationship with current and potential clients. After all, it seems like everywhere you go there is an advertisement of some sort or another. Despite the emergence of new ways of product marketing, more traditional advertising methods, like promotional goods, are still in use and growing stronger with time. In an era of ecommerce, many ecommerce businesses opt to ship promotional products together with other merchandise directly to consumers. For many years, businesses have successfully used promotional items as part of their marketing strategy. While most people assume that this form of marketing is outdated and gone with the wind - the opposite is true. Promotional items are still a crucial marketing tool. Promoting your brand will it reach out to its target customers by making them aware of your particular brand and its advantages over your competitors? These products have proven to be useful and cost-effective, even for those looking to promote a new brand.

7 ReasonsYou Should Offer Promotional Products.

Today, several companies ship promotional products along with customer orders to meet their marketing goals while cutting down on costs. So why do promotional goods still matter? 1.

Cement Customer Relationships.

Promotional products are an incredible way to build customer relationships. This approach will strengthen a brand by attracting more clientele. When you ship promotional products to clients, they feel appreciated.These promotional giveaways are important in creating a bond between you- the brand, and customers, which leads to customer recommendation and brand loyalty. 2.

Affordable marketing.

If you marketing on a tight budget, try promotional products. Compared to other traditional techniques, promotional products offer an array of reasonably priced options. It costs only a few dollars per customer to ship promotional products, and in return, it offers a long-lasting impression of your brand. 3.

A wonderful way to promote a new brand.

If you are opening a new business, gaining publicity is some food for thought. How do you get people to know you exist? Since you need to be seen, spending cash on giveaways is an effortless and gainful way to market your new brand. What’s more, you will instantaneously win over clients. Not only will you enhance your brand visibility, but you’ll also have impressed customers, and most will be grateful and more than enthusiastic to test your product or services. However, when choosing the items to use for promotional purposes, consider the group, you intend to reach. Who are you targeting? For example, t-shirts, sweatbands, and caps are great ideas for a gym or fitness brand. For a corporate niche, you may use stationary and Desk supplies as giveaways. Be careful not to “over-brand,” choose something obvious – an item that a buyer will actively use is much more efficient for your marketing purpose. 4.

Direct link to the target market.

One thing that promotional products offer you that other forms of advertising brands will not is the ability to target a particular group of people. You are giving the item directly to your person of interest- no misses here; you hit the bull's eye. Open markets like trade shows will bring potential buyers. Offering giveaways will always remind prospects about your company any time they use or look at them. If the product touches their daily lives one way or another, they will be more than willing to talk about your brand to friends. 5.

Create a lasting Impression.

Carefully selected promotional products carry your message for an extended period. A survey by PPAI shows that 94% of customers who receive promotional giveaways remember the issuing company for up to two years. Furthermore, 75% of clients kept these products because they said it was helpful. Lastly, promotional products can create a lasting impression because they touch human senses, sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. 6.

A simple way to build your brand.

Since the market offers lots of cheap merchandise we can use as promotional products, promoting your business shouldn’t be a tough task. First, you will need to select the right product for your branding. Next, draft a simple budget to cater for the items. Then maybe, plan how toship promotional products along with orders. For a start, you can try a few items. When executed correctly, this marketing strategy can be very rewarding, both in your sales, reputation, and brand awareness. Plan wisely before executing. If your promotional products prove useful to the community around you, they will always have your brand in mind. Shipping promotional merchandise shows that you care for your clientsand gives you an edge over business rivals. You can either use in-store giveaways or utilize a shipping service to delivermerchandise to target customers. Consumer awareness is critical for your company, and if a customer is receiving a gift from you, they may just pick you over your business rivals. 7.

Brand your merchandise with a Competent Service Provider.

The best service providers offer top-quality product branding services at fair prices. They must also own the latest equipment to handle all projects both for retail and for corporate purposes. Bulk shouldn’t be a problem.

A Step by Step Guide to Promotional Products.

Offering promotional products to your consumers can be challenging. You should, therefore, consider the following aspects. 1.

Whatto Provide as Promotional Items.

Anything can be a giveaway product but perfect targeting can improve the unboxing experience. Below is a comprehensive list of potential giveaway items. • Stationery such as pens and rulers • Toys • Food • calendars • Keyrings You can also offer eco-friendly stuff like reusable bags. 2.

Whetherto Promote Your Brand or Not.

Branding your promotional products may seem like a logical marketing idea, but it may not always be productive in the long run. Sometimes it is best to put more emphasis on the product’s quality rather than promoting your brand. A quality promotional product will likely attract more consumers than a product that is simply branded with your firm’s logo. 3.

The Approach to Clothing.

Many firms first think of clothing when it comes to promotional attire. The biggest issue with branding clothing is that not all consumers want to be seen wearing your brand or logo. Putting a logo may not be a bad idea, but don't forget to please the consumer with refined promotional wear. It is never a good idea to over brand your promotional clothing as some consumers may not like branded products. If you can, go for catchy phrases that stir up interest. For instance, if you are running a nut manufacturing firm, you can use phraseslike; Go Nuts! 4.

Environmental Targeting.

This refers to a marketing strategy where you offer promotional goods that are closely related to the firm's principle merchandise. For instance, if your firm deals with mobile phone sales, consider offering earphones, wireless devices, and smart wear as promotional items. This way, your promotional goods will urge consumers to make a mobile phone purchase as they enjoy the available offers. 5.

The Shelf Life of the Promotional Products.

Promotional products must have a long lifespan and extended usability. Giveaways should not be perishable, especially if you want to provide them to consumers all year round. However, there is one exception to this law. Foodstuffs make excellentgiveaway products, particularly during seasonal events and offers. 6.

When to Utilize Logos.

Depending on the situation, branding your promotional merchandise can be the best option for your firm. If your firm is holding a conference, open meeting, or a public show, offering branded products to visitors and consumers can help popularize the firm. Branded products can also help your firmcement relationshipswith loyalcustomers. Such consumers will be thrilled at the prospect of receiving giveaways with labels of their favorite company. 7.

Promotional Referrals.

Promotional referrals refer to a product service whereby consumers invite other individuals to indulge in your firm’s services and products, after which the referrer receives a reward or promotional product. Offering branded promotional items as part of your referral system is a creative way to implement promotional items in your business. 8.

Let the customer choose.

Where possible, allow your clients to pick out the promotional item they prefer. Not every client will prefer the same gift. If you let your consumer choose, they will be more contented and appreciative of the branded promotional items you offer.


Giving away promotional products to clients is an intelligent and effective wayto attract and keep consumers. The quality and efficiency of your promotional reward campaign can prove beneficial or detrimental to your firm.