Experiences You’ll Have in Your First Year of USPS

For every job that one takes on, he or she often seeks to have the best pay, a promotion after a while and improved living standards. However, this is not all there is when it comes to postal jobs, as they are more fun than work, as you will see here. When you start on your post office employment, you are likely to experience certain things, which will include:

Good pay and benefits

Everyone seeks good pay on being employed and this is an experience that you are sure to get during the first year of work in USPS. The starting salary is $21 per hour regardless of whether you are a postal clerk, postal carrier or postal technician. Any increase in how much you earn annually will depend on your efforts. That is to mean that if you put in extra hours, you are more likely to have good results. Additionally, if you are one more aligned to doing outdoor jobs, you will be a postal carrier, a position that you will love if you love dealing with people and one that will enable you to know the neighborhood like the back of your hand.

Eye opening experience

When you get your dream job, money is not everything. Postal office jobs are just like any other job out there in the market. The people who deliver most are those who are passionate about their job, rather than those who do it for the money. When you work for USPS, you will realize that money is not everything. It is more about the passion and effort you put in serving the customers, than the pay you will get at the end of the day. Thus, remember it is more about service. If customers are happy, you are happy and your employer is also happy. Everyone goes home happy. This is a very satisfying job.

Job fulfillment

A postal carrier serves the people. As such, when you work with USPS, you are more likely to finish every assignment with a feeling of satisfaction that you have served the community right. Just like the president, you are serving people and your country. Do your job right and carry on the legacy of the very first mailmen, those who delivered mail by horse drawn coaches.

Improved soft skills over technical skills

Within the first year of working in the USPS, you will realize the importance of having good communication skills rather than technical skills. This is not to mean that postal carriers are better than postal technicians and postal clerks. The point is that, in executing your duties, regardless of the position you hold, you will be able to learn soft skills like efficient leadership, good communication, how to handle people, as well as their angry dogs.


For every good experience you have in any job, there are always challenges that one has to face. The same goes for postal jobs. The kind of challenges that you are likely to face, especially as a postal carrier are unrealistic demands from customers, trying to please your supervisor and trying to be a team player.