20 Best Careers with USPS Jobs.
United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the United States federal government. It is legally responsible for providing postal services to all Americans within any United States location. USPS has employed several careers and non-career employees. As per the USPS statistical reports of 2004-2020, employees of range 100,000 – 700,000 have been hired in different career departments of the USPS.

What duties do Postal Service workers do?

  • The employees ensure that emails are delivered and collected on time
  • They sort incoming parcels and letters
  • Sell stamps and other postal products and services 
  • Operate different types of postal equipment
  • Distribute any incoming mails from the postal trucks
  • Get client’s signatures for registered, certified, or insured mail A registered, certified customer sign on receiving mail

What are the Common Requirements for United States Postal Service careers?
The USPS career opportunities require that candidates for any career must;

  • Complete the Virtual Entry Assessment (MP 476)
  • Be physically able to perform duties requiring prolonged standing, walking, bending, and handling heavy mails or parcels of about 70 pounds.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident alien status
  • Attain a minimum age of 18 years. However, the postal service can also accept candidates of 16 years so long as they have a diploma in high schools
  • Employees must pass screening and assessments like a background check and drug screening, among other eligibility criteria.

What are the Common benefits of United States Postal Services?
The USPS career opportunities come in handy with some additional benefits. Postal service workers enjoy excellent benefitslike;

  • Dental Insurance
  • Employee discounts
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Health Insurance or pre-tax health benefit
  • Annual and sick leave
  • Pre-tax flexible spending account
  • Gives options for workers to apply for long-term-care insurance

20 best careers with USPS

Mail Handler Assistant
Their duties and responsibilities includes;

  • They unload mails from trucks, separates them, and deliver to the distribution areas.
  • Place empty sacks on racks and conduct labeling of sacks where they are prearranged or marked.
  • Separate outgoing mails for dispatch and load them onto the trucks
  • They inspect any empty equipment from the mails and restring sacks
  • They cancel stamps on parcel post and carries mails from canceling machine to distribution
  • They also perform other duties assigned to them Salary expected
  • USPS mail handler assistants receive hourly pay of range between $15- $16. Also, they can make an average total salary of $ 34

Clerk Assistant
This is a temporary position that requires a qualification of an examination. Duties and responsibilities included are;

  • Perform sales and customers service activities like selling postal products and services
  • Ensures display and area of sale are presentable
  • Accounting for devices in and out of the premises
  • Scans and distributes both incoming and outgoing mails at the post office
  • Register, certify, and insure mail.

Qualifications for Postal Clerk Assistant; A candidate must have a Driving License with a clean driving record. They must also pass their criminal background check and fingerprint clearance. How much does Clerk Assistant earn? Any Clerk Assistant of the United States expects a salary of $ 18.15 an hour.

City carrier Assistant
Duties and responsibilities of City carrier assistants include;

  • The routes or rearrange all mails in a sequence of delivery along with established directions.
  • Withdraws mails from the separation case prepare and separate all mails to be delivered by trucks.
  • They handle undelivered mail per laid out procedures.
  • Delivers and collects charges on customs, postage-due and obtain receipts for registered and insured mails
  • They check and collect mailing cards from advertisers bearing the names and addresses of the clients.
  • Provides customers with information on changes of address cards and other postal forms as required
  • They also have a responsibility to report to their supervisors any unusual conditions that relate to mail delivery. Salary expected. The USPS career opportunities of City Carrier Assistant earns average hourly pay of $17.15

Mail Processing Assistant
The duties and responsibilities of mail processing assistants include;

  • Sorts outgoing or incoming mails using appropriate sort program or manual distribution
  • Ensures all necessary support equipment and materials are well prepared
  • Loads mails, on automated equipment removing non-process able
  • Maintain contacts when required
  • Dispatch emails and schedules as per the instructions of the supervisors

What is the salary payable for a mail processing assistant?

The average USPS career opportunities for processing assistants are guaranteed approximately $16.80 pay per hour. The income is 9% above the national average.

Mail Courier
Duties and responsibilities of mail courier

  • Meters and process outgoing mails-classify weights and determine rates
  • Sort intra-campus mails
  • Sorts, trays, or bags outgoing mails according to the USPS guidelines.

Education Requirements, knowledge, and skills include are;

  • Candidates should be able to organize the workflow and coordinate activities.
  • Able to maintain effective customer relations.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal communication and time management skills
  • Additionally, individuals must be able to identify and analyze problems.

How much does the mail couriers earn?

The USPS courier hourly salaries are $18.69

Holiday Clerk Assistant
Duties and responsibilities include;

  • Provides sales and customers service support to customers
  • They ensure display of the store and selling of the postal products
  • Scans and distribute incoming and outgoing mails
  • Responsible for bringing inventory discrepancies reports to their supervisors

How much the holiday clerk assistant gets paid?

The USPS career opportunities for holiday clerk earns $18 per hour.

PSE Sales & SVCS/ Distribution Associate
Their duties and responsibilities include;

  • Performs sales and customer services support
  • Provide services and products information to customers
  • Process customer purchases and returns relating to postal products and services
  • Performs routine maintenance- arranging and replenishing displays It's a part-time job with a salary range of $18.15 per hour paid bi-weekly

Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC)
Duties and responsibilities of A.R.C.

  • Delivers packages to customers
  • Sorts mails and load packages in delivery sequence
  • Signs the received accountable mails
  • Furnish routine information This is a full-time job that earns individuals $19 per hour

Annuitant Holiday Clerk Assistant
Their duties and responsibilities include;

  • They perform a variety of sales and customer service activities.
  • Ensures maintenance of appearance and the display of the post office
  • Attaches and removes security devices and accounts for the items
  • Performs mail processing activities like mail loading onto automated equipment
  • Also, it performs additional duties as assigned by their supervisors. These USPS career opportunities accrue an average pay of $18 per hour. 10)

Rural Carrier
Duties and responsibilities

  • Rural carriers sort and deliver mails on the assigned route
  • Receives, loads, and assigns for accountable mails.
  • Sells stamped papers, register, certified and insured mails and parcels post
  • Prepares daily trip reports and maintain a list of customers
  • Returns mail collected, undelivered, and submit the receipt to post office. It's a full-time Postal Service job that pays between the ranges of $21-31 an hour.

Temporary Carrier Assistant
Duties and responsibilities of Temporary Carrier Assistant are;

  • Withdraws mails from the distribution case and prepares them in sequence for efficient delivery.
  • Handles undeliverable mails per the established procedures
  • Delivers and collects charges on C.O.D. and postage-due
  • Checks and corrects mailing cards from advertisers bearing names and addresses of customers. This is a temporary job opportunity that earns $17 per hour.

Motor Vehicle Operator
Duties and responsibilities of MVP include;

  • The operators pick up and deliver bulk quantities of mails as required.
  • Determine the condition of the truck before leaving and upon return to the garage
  • Operate truck following the time schedules and rules of safety
  • Also, performs other duties as assigned by their supervisors. This is a full-time job that accrues an average pay of ranges between$22- $29 per hour and $55,173 per year.

Electronic Technician
Duties and responsibilities of the postal service electronic technicians as per the USPS career opportunities dictates;

  • Performs diagnosis, maintenance, alignment, and electrical overhaul revision of the post office systems
  • Observes the operation of the systems and equipment to ensure maximum system performance Recommend changes to service and preventive activities
  • Performs system failure analysis Electronic technicians arefull-time postal service workers who receive an average pay of $64,000 - $92,000 a year.

Postmaster Relief
Duties and responsibilities of Postmaster Reliefs are;

  • Operates within the established rules and regulations to resolve problems that may occur during operations
  • Ensures that proper safeguard are installed for the welfare of customers
  • Maintains records and files and submit a report as required
  • Provide guidance and answers customers questions on the postal services and products
  • These are part-time post service workers that earn about $14 an hour. Postmaster reliefs are part-time postal service workers that earn an average of $14 per hour.

Some other careers include;
Laborer custodial is a full-time Postal service job with a salary of $16.39 per hour. Area Maintenance Technician- a full-time job with a salary of range $59,000- $68,000 Forensic Document Examiners- their salaries range from approximately $59,000 - $130,000 per year. Automotive Technician “Career Job with Benefits- has a pay range of $46,000 – 64,000 per year, among other career jobs. Sortation system tech (comp sci) summers intern with an income of $20 per hour

The United States Postal Service has managed to employ several people from different careers. For instance, people are employed from mail handlers, city clerks to rural careers and may more. The employees enjoy several benefits that come with being a member of the Postal Service like health insurance, paid time off, flexible spending account, and dental insurance, among other benefits.