Job Difficulties for Postal Carriers

Mail delivery people or postal carriers as they are more popularly known, do not always have an easy time while doing their job. There are many challenges and fears with the job, but again, there is no job that does not have such.

Here are some of the most common challenges that postal carriers face:

1. Dogs

Many homes have dogs that are loyal and apt to protect their masters. The delivery person usually delivers the mail very early in the morning. Most of these dogs are very violent towards the mail delivery people. There have been numerous reports of dogs attacking and injuring the mail carriers. The mail delivery people have this fear every time they embark to deliver mails.

2. Automated systems

Technology is another fear that all the postal mail carriers have. This is because the machines might soon replace them at their place of work. They fear being laid off at work because they will have nothing to do as the machines will do everything. Many companies are buying the machines to sort the mails faster and this will leave the people working in the post offices, including mail delivery people jobless. Actually, every employee in any industry fears automation. It could mean loss of a job.

3. Customer dissatisfaction

The mail delivery people work for the public and their fear is not getting to the expectations and standards of their customers. This is so mainly because many people contact the main post office complaining about the delivery of their mails and the mail people fear being fired from their jobs. In addition, many errors occur while delivering mail hence people get wrong mails and consequently, this delays receipt of mails. This will automatically lead to customer dissatisfaction and the blame trickles down to the mail delivery person. They always have to be extra careful to avoid this.

4. Failure to meet postal service deadlines

Meeting deadlines is not always easy for anyone and this includes the mail delivery person as well. Mostly, they receive very many mails and it has to be sorted out and delivered to the respective person by a particular date. This often proves difficult as the job can be quite tedious and difficult to do on time. Time is essential in this kind of job because some mails are quite important and should be delivered on time. Therefore, they always have to try to be on time lest they deliver mails late hence leading them to problems.

5. Weather

The weather is another fear that the mail delivery person always faces. This is because it can be unfavorable for the mail person to deliver the mails comfortably. At times, it can rain too much or snow too much such that it is almost impossible to deliver the packages to the various destinations. It can also be extremely hot that the mail man gets uncomfortable during their course of work. These challenges are among many others that mail delivery people have. They have to overcome them so as to do their jobs right.