Working for the US Postal Service might not be what every kid dreams about, but maybe they should. Of course, there are the many men and women who staff the offices and deliver the packages daily, but the USPS has much more to offer. When considering a postal service job, there are a lot more options than initially meets the eye,


Long before the War on Terror, the USPS has been investigating the contents of our mail. It’s one of the oldest federal enforcement agencies(since 1731!) and continues to keep the public safe today. Inspectors confiscate drugs, fraudulent documents, child pornography, and other illegal products, which lead to arrests and sentencing of the perpetrators. In 2013, the acts of postal service investigators directly rescued 341 children who had been sexually exploited. These officers of the law positively impact society as much as those of any other branch. Furthermore, this branch has its own police force that protects important shipments and works closely with border and immigration patrols.


When investigators discover suspicious content, it’s a forensic scientist's’ job to verify and look for additional evidence. Evaluating both physical and digital content, USPS forensic scientists identify criminals, recover lost data, and assist investigations in the same fashion that criminal forensic scientists help traditional police officers. They play a crucial part in the USPS process.

Military Delivery

This job entails what people usually think of postal workers, as they are transporting packages from point A to B, but it has the added intrigue of potentially living in some pretty exciting places. Military post has to make its way to every corner of the globe. It’s certainly one way to see the world. Additionally, these postal workers must have some great job satisfaction; they help troops communicate with their loved ones.

All of these jobs necessitate different skill sets and qualifications, but it just goes to show how multi-faceted and surprising a career in USPS can be. However, traditional postal jobs can be plenty engaging as well. You might not be working a kid’s dream job, but all careers in USPS have the potential to fulfill you with its sense of community involvement.