Postal Service exams, or commonly known as Postal Exam 473, are extremely competitive because usually, there are more applicants than the slots that become available in the USPS Postal Service, a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Applicants know how competitive and important the postal exam 473 is. Yes, taking the postal exam is just but a step in the application process. However, it’s a major determinant of whether you’ll be called for an interview for USPS Office Jobs or not. Therefore, there is need to get the highest score in the test.

Everyone wants a perfect score and I guess you too. Adequate preparation for Post Office Exams is very necessary. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get even the pass mark, which is 70%, without proper and thorough preparation for the test. Furthermore, how you prepare for the exam can determine whether you pass or fail the test.

You should review the test content and understand its format so that you know what to expect in the actual exam. Preparation should also involve developing some effective test-taking skills that will help you when taking the exam. Practicing is essential. Take multiple practice tests and try to pace yourself to determine whether you can answer the questions under the time pressure, as you’d be required to do in the actual test.

To adequately prepare for the postal test, here are the things you’ll need:

The Postal Exam Study Guide

Buy an up-to-date Exam Study Guide. You can get the guide from your local bookstore, library or online. The 473 postal exam guides contain practice questions arranged in the same format, as you’ll find in the actual test. Use the guide to familiarize yourself with the layout and the content of the exam. The Post Office Exam is divided into four parts. Part A involves Address Checking, Part B involves Forms Completion, and Part C involves Coding and Memory while Part D is about Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory.

A study Schedule

You need to establish and stick to a study schedule. While establishing a study schedule, you need to take into consideration both your family and regular activities. Studying should be every day. So, set aside a couple of hours every day and choose that time of the day when you’re always relaxed and receptive. Understand what the postal exam entails and pays attention to each part. Know how many questions each part contains and the time limitations for the same.

Computerized Practice Tests

To become familiar with the postal exam and time limitations for each part, your Exam Study Guide should be realistic and timed accurately. It should come with computerized practice tests to allow you to take the tests within the same time pressure that the actual postal test will require. Take as many postal practice tests as you can to get used to the exam’s layout, demand and time limitation.