For anyone looking to pass the postal office exam, it’s important to understand that the competition is fierce. Even though the postal exam, commonly referred to as the 473 exam, is not incredibly difficult, those interested in passing it will probably be interested in reliable tips that will help them pass the exam in their first attempt.

Here are a few tips that should be taken into consideration if you’re signing up to take the postal service exam

Take many practice exams

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. You should take as many practice exams as possible. That will help you become familiar with both the format and types of questions you’re likely to find in the postal service exam. Furthermore, practice exams increases your speed and helps you become faster at answering the questions. This is extremely beneficial because the exam is timed. The good news is that many practice exams are available online and you can take as many as you’re able.

Time yourself

When taking these practice exams, be sure to time yourself. Once the time is up, don’t go back to the test later to complete the questions you could not answer because of time. You need to allocate time wisely by starting with the easiest questions before going back to the difficult ones. Start with the “personal characteristics and experience” section, which is not only relative, but has no correct answers as well. Once you’re done with this section, try to answer the questions within the required time. You have 236 questions to complete within 90 minutes, which means each question is allocated 38 seconds only.

Purchase a study guide

If you’re serious about passing the 473 exam, then you should buy an up-to-date postal exam practice guide. A quality study guide that provides detailed analysis about what is needed for one to pass the postal exam will be very helpful. Look for a study guide that contains effective exam-taking strategies and a wide range of different topics. This will generally contribute to improve your overall knowledge on the subject of the postal battery exam.

Understand what exam entails

Understand the postal exam categories for you to study smart. Even though the examiners will not set the same questions, you should do some research and know the actual headings of the test questions. Pay attention to the areas of questions that will be asked. These areas include: • Address Checking • Forms Completion • Memory Retention • Coding Skills

Asses yourself

Once you’ve understood what the postal exams entail and you’ve done many practice exams, you need to test yourself to see how good you are. Without referring to any revision material, take sample exams and take the exact time as the actual exam. This allows you to identify your weak areas and work on them before the date of the actual postal office exam. Above all, you should understand that the better prepared you are to take the postal exam, the greater your potential for success.