Twenty dollars per hour is a dream salary for an average American citizen. However, the dream can come true with being hired for a postal service job. Postal jobs have become rather popular because of their high paid positions and relaxation in the experience requirements. Moreover, they offer specialized programs for fresh graduates. These jobs are according to the particular skills of a person. For example, there are specific positions, which can suit applicants who had previously served in the US Military.

Requirements for Postal Jobs

There are various benefits of United States Postal Service jobs but there a few pre-requisitions as well. These are given below:


The applicant must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to apply for any postal service job.


Only American citizens or Green Card holders can apply for the posts.

Background Check

The applicants must be able to pass drug, medical and criminal check tests to be eligible. Moreover, they must have a clean driving history as well.

Postal Exam 473

The most important part of the assessment procedure for any of the postal jobs is a postal exam. Every candidate must score 70 marks out of a 100 to be eligible for the post. However, applicants can prepare for it using help from a postal exam service.

Applicants must submit the required documents as well and follow all the instructions provided by the employer.

Benefits of a Postal Service Job

Once the requirements are met and an applicant succeeds in getting the job, the benefits are never-ending. The United States postal service offers training for their employees as well. They set measurable and achievable targets for their workers, which on one hand, benefit the public, and on the other, motivate the employees to perform even better in the future.

The major advantages a postal service job can provide for the worker are as follows:

Salary: United States postal service jobs offer handsome salaries as well as various premium advantages. Good pay is one of the major incentives to go for federal jobs.

Insurance: Federal jobs such as a postal service job provide various insurance options including life and health insurance.

Retirement: They offer excellent savings and retirement plans for their workers.

Leaves and Respites: Just like most of the federal jobs, a postal service job offers reasonable vacation options and sick leaves.

Career Building: United States postal service jobs are not about money and comfortable retirement only. It is more of a career-developing job. They offer training and grooming plans for their employees and prepare them for different positions, which match their individual skills.

Promoting Diversity: The United States postal service is very keen on promoting diversity among their organization. They encourage people of every gender and race to apply for every position. Moreover, it is their policy to let people work according to their own space and skills. Therefore, none of the employees can interfere in another worker’s manner of operating. This allows them to grow and flourish along with maintaining their individuality and uniqueness.