From time to time, the federal jobs, particularly the US postal jobs become the prime target of the controversy instigating personnel. News like that the US postal office jobs are undergoing a “crisis” is often circulated. Since the postal service jobs are so frequently a part of the controversial statements, it is important to dispel the myths that are normally associated with these jobs. Continue reading in order to debunk the common myths about Unites States Postal Service Jobs.

1.The US Postal Jobs Is Responsible for Wasting the Taxation Money

The fact of the matter is that the postal service does not get the money obtained from the taxation at all to operate the expenses. According to the federal law, the US Postal Service is required to bear their expenses on their own. So basically, the operations are borne by selling postage services.

2. The US Postal Jobs Are In a Severe Crisis

There isn’t any truth to this statement as the United States Postal Service jobs are not in a crisis at all. Considering the fact that the Postal Service does not benefit from the government subsidies, it is quite admirable that the postal service jobs get great employee benefits and reasonable salaries. Also after Wal-Mart, the Postal Service is the second-largest employer in the USA. However, as opposed to the former, the US postal jobs are well-paid.

3. Mail Is Obsolete

This is true that there has been an overall decline in the volumes of mails, but it isn’t obsolete. There are several advertising agencies, DVD services, newsletters, magazines, letter business, online purchase and book deliveries still heavily rely upon the US Postal Service. Therefore, the US postal office jobs are here to stay. With just a few cents, anyone in the United States of America can send mails regardless of the geographical boundaries between the states. The mail service is fully functional and it is used quite effectively.

4. The US Postal Jobs Are Not Eco Friendly

This myth has been created by lobbyist to mar the reputation of the efficient US Postal Service. On the contrary, the US Postal Service is well-known as a market leader of sustainability. The postal service jobs implement eco friendly strategies to run the operations. The postal service uses the energy efficiently, water moderately, and sends the solid waste to landfills. By looking at the environmentally safe practice, it isn’t shocking to know that the US postal service has acquired several eco-awards over the course of years. The Postal Service has been presented with the estimable Gold Award by the “Climate Registry” because of the sustainable endeavors that have minimized the green house gas emissions.

The mail service is completely reliable, safe, and the US postal service jobs prove to be great income generating federal jobs. Therefore, if you were having doubts about giving the postal exam, you can relax and start preparing.