Postal Exam 473 is an exam that requires the test takers to prepare for the exam in a smart way. However, it is usually the memory section that confounds the test givers the most.  In the memory section of the postal exam, the test taker is allotted 7 minutes only during which the individual has to code 36 unique addresses. The addresses are numbered from 37 to 72.  The following test taking strategies will make you master the memory section.

1.    Make the Coding Guide Simple to Remember

The best apart about the memory section is that you are allowed to reshuffle the coding guide. Doing so will allow the guide to acquire the format which is easy for you to remember.

  • Isolate the streets that are listed just once as opposed to the other three streets.
  • Create short forms of complex street names mentally. For example, Jackson can be modified to JA and Chestnut can become CE.
  • The trick to not getting baffled at the postal exam’s memory section is to ignore the abbreviations of the streets, for instance, blvd. and St. as these are nor pertinent.
  • If you want to qualify for the postal service job, it is crucial to remember that in the exercise, the numbers are more important to memorize than the street names. You can simply complete the complicated section by first matching the street names to the coding guide, and then proceed to match the numbers with each individual street.

2.    Answer the Questions That You Are Confident About

The key to passing the memory section of the postal exam 473 is that you must not answer any question that you are not really sure about. The wrong score will dent your chances of getting the desired postal service job as it will be marked negatively. So, it is better to leave the spot blank if you are not sure about the correct answer.

3.  Practice Will Make You Master the Postal Exam

If you are serious about mastering the postal exam 473, then you must practice this section as much as you can. You will only gain the confidence to ace the confusing memory section if you have sufficient practice. Both the Memory and the Coding Sections require immense practice — this is the only way to stand out from the rest in the postal exam.

4.  Simplify the Daunting Large Numbers

The essence of solving the memory section is to simplify the large numbers. This is because you have to remember the numbers and the corresponding delivery routes. Remembering large numbers is a time consuming process — besides the numbers will fall within the defined range so instead of keeping the trailing digits in mind, just remember the first digit or the first couple of digits. This is an important test strategy that will aid you in clearing the postal exam 473 and the memorization will become easy.