The US Postal Services recruits individuals for entry level job vacancies through the postal exam 473/473E. This exam is titled as Test 473 for Major Entry-Level Jobs and also known as the 473 Battery Exam. Since it is for entry level jobs, the test contents are similar for many US postal jobs. The following is description of each postal service job that you can apply for when registering yourself for postal exam 473/473E.

1.PSE Sales, Service, and Distribution Associate

PSE Sales, Service, and Distribution Associates are basically retail clerks who are stationed at the front counter and have to sell stamps, money orders, etc., to customers. They perform distribution tasks and provide different sales and customer support services. They have to maintain good public relations with customers and must be familiar with Postal procedures, laws, and regulations.

2.City Carrier Assistant 1 & 2

Although these are two separate entry level titles, their wages and job descriptions are identical. Their job is to collect and deliver mails from customers in a defined area either by vehicle or on foot depending on the weather and road conditions. They are required to maintain public relations with customers at all times and should be familiar with Postal products, procedures, laws, and regulations that are applicable in that particular area.

3.PSE Mail Processing Clerk

Individuals appointed on this post work inside a Postal facility, but are not required to deal with customers. Their job description includes processing outgoing and incoming mail in both Post Office and plant facilities either through sortation and distribution (manual methods) or with the help of automated mail processing equipment. They must have the ability to quickly and accurately read and sort mail.

4.PSE Post Office Clerk

These clerks are required to perform a variety of supervisory tasks, and control city or general delivery on highway contract and rural routes within a small community when the Postmaster is not present or on leave. They are assigned to single, small unit postal facilities and may be given duties to supervise a small group of clerks in the performance of delivery and distribution services.

5.Mail Handler Assistant

A Mail Handler Assistant is appointed to handle mail flow within a Postal facility and don’t have to deal with customers. They are required to unload and load mail containers, open and empty mail sacks, transfer mail and empty equipment, and repeatedly carry sacks and parcels within the Postal facility.

6.Rural Carrier Associate

Compared to other entry level jobs, the Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) is an important, non-career position, which can be converted into a career position in the long run. They are required to own a personal vehicle which they have to use to deliver mail. They are compensated on a generous per-mile basis. The job description of an RCA is similar to a City Carrier Assistant; the only difference is that they work in a rural setting.

7.PSE Data Conversion Operator

A PSE prepares the mail for automated sorting. They are required to read a handwritten or typed address from the scanned image of a letter that appears on a monitor, and feeds the information on the computer software. The computer converts that information into a bar code that is printed on the mail.