The postal exam 473 has a solid reputation for being one of the toughest tests to clear. While it used to be given in a pen and paper format, the exam was updated and greatly changed to computerize it. Nonetheless, its difficulty level has not decreased over the years and if you are planning to give this postal exam, you need to take the time to study for it properly.

For this purpose, you need to make sure that you are using the right study guide. The postal exam study guide you use can make an impact on your ability to pass the exam so when looking for one, keep the following points in mind.

Should be Current

The postal exam 473E is regularly updated to accommodate any changes experienced in the USPS job posts. On the other hand, not all study guides are updated to make room for these changes. Certain study guides are still available and in circulation that are outdated and miss out on the crucial changes or other details. Using an outdated study guide for exam preparation can mean that you end up getting surprised or distressed when you go to give the postal exam 473 and have to deal with the differences on the spot instead of knowing beforehand.

Should Incorporate Time Limits

The time limits of the postal exam 473 are formidable and challenging. Divided into 4 sections, the postal exam incorporates the following time limits:

  • Section A – Personal Characteristics and Experience - Contains a total of 236 questions that must be answered within 90 minutes.
  • Section B – Address Checking - Contains a total of 60 questions that must be answered within 11 minutes.
  • Section C – USPS Form Completion Information - Contains a total of 30 questions that must be answered within 15 minutes.
  • Section D – Coding and Memory - Contains a total of 72 questions that must be answered within 13 minutes.

An online study guide that lets you practice answering the questions within these time limits will definitely be better. It will help you understand and develop your own strategies on how you should attempt the postal exam.

Showcase Memory and Coding Sections

The memory and coding sections are the bane of most test applicants as the questions are exceedingly difficult and varied. A study guide cannot contain the exact questions you will get on the postal exam but it can give you a more realistic impression about the type of tests you can expect when attempting the postal exam. This can make a huge impact on how successfully you attempt this portion as well as help you develop a memory technique that works for you when you are giving the test.

Share Tips on Improvement

When you give an online practice test, it can also evaluate your attempt and give you important feedback about how you should attempt the test. Don’t be disheartened by the results you get on the practice test. Learn from it and smoothen out the mistakes you are making. If you can easily clear your practice tests with flying colors, you can expect to do the same when it comes to  the actual postal exam 473.