Did you know that the US postal service is the second largest employer of the country? If you want to apply for a job with them, you have come to the right place, because we will guide you about the Postal exam and US postal office jobs.

A large number of people apply for jobs at USPS every day, but they fail to secure a job because they don’t know important details about the job and the exam. If you want to apply for the job, you have to the right place, as we will give you all the important details. It is important you know that there are no test dates anymore and you can apply for the job and take the exam whenever you want to. In order to make everything easier job search, application process, and the exam taking is done online.

Overview about the Exam and Job

Here is an overview of the steps that you have to know:

  • Whenever an employee is needed at any part of the country, a job is posted online with the help of the local postmaster. You can view several job openings on the postal service’s system.
  • When you apply for the job online, the management schedules your test within a few days. One good thing about the USPS is that you can apply for as many positions that you want, and you will only have to submit a separate application for all of them. The only potential issue with this is that thousands of other people will be applying for the same jobs.
  • Another potential problem that you might face is the exam score because only the top three candidates are interviewed for one position. If you want to secure a job for yourself, you will have to get good grades and be a top scorer. The failure rate id up to 90%, which is why it is important you prepare for the test.  Just make sure that you are using the updated study guide when preparing for the exams.

How to Apply to the Job

There are two options that you can use when it come to applying for the jobs.

  • The first way is that you look for job posting online, but this can take really along and will be very hectic.
  • The second and the most recommended option is to log on to the website of the postal services, just so you can look at the openings.
  • Some of the steps for applying are:
  • Create the account on the website.
  • Apply for the position
  • Take the postal exam and pass it by getting a score of 70 or above.
  • Go through the entire hiring process.

In conclusion, these are the important details that you need to know when you apply for a job at the USPS. Follow the above-mentioned advice and you will surely end up with a job.