Most of the people that are applying for US postal jobs have to take the Postal Exam 473. The overall rating is done after assessing your education, work experience, personality, and of course, the test results. The test is scheduled when you apply online. You will be asked to register on the website, complete the application, and then finally appear for the exam. It is important you know that you will have 14 days to complete your application and appear for the exam from the date you apply. 

Postal exam 473

The postal 473 exam, also known as the 473 Battery Exam, is for entry level positions. In order to pass the exam you need to score 70 out of 100 and you should know that the result of the exam is valid till the expiration date mentioned on the notice of the result. If you are an applicant, then your result will be maintained in the eCareer and will be included with your application if you apply for other positions that require this exam. 

Skills Tests

The skills test is a performance test that predicts the future success of the applicants in job training, as well as in the job training.  These tests are used By the USPS so that they can assess your ability to learn and perform the job responsibilities. Some of the performance tests that are may be a part of the skills test are:

  • Road test for operators
  • Test of strength for mail handlers
  • Typing test

473 Exam Outline

The exam is broken down into four parts. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Part A is the address checking part and has 60 questions that have to be answered in 11 minutes. The participants have to determine if two addresses are identical or not.
  • Part B is the Forms Completion part and has 30 questions that have to be answered in 15 minutes. The participants have to complete the form correctly.
  • Part C is the Section 1 – Coding has 36 questions that have to be answered in 6 minutes. The participants have to use the proper code to assign to addresses. The Section 2 – Memory has 36 questions that have to be answered in 6 minutes as well, in it the participants Memorize assigned codes for addresses ranges.
  • Part D is the Inventory of Personal Experience and Characteristics that has 236 questions that have to be answered in 90 minutes. The covered subject is experience and characteristics which are job-related