Do you want to work for the Post office? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place because this article will give you all the details about the postal service job. Since the USPS is the largest employer of the country, there are always a number of different job openings throughout the country. Let’s learn what the postal service job is all about.

USPS Jobs – Salary and Benefits

The pay is competitive and there are comprehensive benefits. Let’s analyze them individually.

Salary- USPS offers a base salary and regular salary increases with the passage of time. Employees tend to receive overtime pay if they stay back, work during the night shift or on a Sunday.

Health Insurance All the employees of the US postal jobs are covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits program that gives maximum coverage. A big chunk of the program is paid for by the Postal Service.

Retirement – All the office employees can participate in the federal retirement program after their age and the years of service are analyzed. 

Vacation and Sick Leave All the employees get annual and sick leaves. Employees who are in their first three years of service get 13 days off per year. People who have been employed for more than 15 years are subjected to 26 days off.

Post Office Job Descriptions

There are so many jobs available in the US postal service. Most of the jobs are in the delivery and operations area but there are corporate positions available as well. Let’s have a look at all the job opportunities that you can apply to:

  • Automotive Mechanic and Technicians – They are responsible for looking after the vehicles that are used by the post office.
  • City Carrier and Assistant City Carrier – They are responsible for collecting and delivering the mail. This is the position that most of the people refer to as the mailperson.
  • Corporate Jobs – The jobs are in the fields of accounting, business, finance, human resources, logistics, marketing, and sales
  • Custodian – They help in maintaining the US Postal facilities.
  • Industrial Engineer – They are responsible for the processing operations and have to work to enhance the service.
  • Mail Handler Assistant – They are responsible for tasks like moving, loading, and unloading the mail.
  • Rural Carrier and Rural Carrier Associate – They are responsible for using the vehicle to deliver the mail in all the rural areas.
  • Tractor Trailer Operator – They are responsible for driving heavy trailer to transport the mail.

Post Office Job Requirements

These are the job requirements that are needed for the job.

  • Age – You should be 18 years of age.
  • Citizenship – You should be a US citizen
  • Employment Screening – Your criminal background check, drug screening, medical evaluation will be done.
  • Driving Record – You should have a license and a great record.

How to Apply for a Post Office Job

Here is how you can apply:

  • Create an online account 
  • Search for open positions 
  • Apply online