Being an integral component of the federal system and one of the largest federal employers, United States Postal Service has a social responsibility to ensure that its operations and operatives do not harm the society in any way. To ensure this, it has formulated statues as a part of its policy. 

Today, we will be answering questions regarding the organization’s policy which concerns activities that are considered felony at worst and a misdemeanour at the least. We are talking about,

DUI conviction and its implication on a postal service job

What is DUI conviction?

DUI conviction is defined as being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol. Depending on the specific state laws, past criminal record and the individual events that took place when the driver was arrested, a DUI conviction could either be declared as a misdemeanour or a felony. 

Does a DUI Conviction on Your Record Have Any Implications on Your Postal Service Job Application?

This depends on two factors:

  1. The postal service job for which your application is being reviewed: Although, USPS maintains a zero tolerance approach against applicants who have a DUI conviction on their record, the impact of the charge on the application may have minor repercussions if it’s a position that does not require the employee to drive. These are the positions where you may even get leverage if the DUI conviction was sentenced as a misdemeanour, as long as you convince the interviewer that you have learned from your mistake. If you have successfully passed a rehabilitation program, the chances are further improved.

  2. The period of DUI conviction: As an applicant for a USPS job that requires driving, it is important that your record does not show a DUI conviction over the last 5 years. If it does, your application will be rejected. The timeframe is calculated from the date of the offense.

What if the sentence hasn’t been declared?

In case of a pending DUI, your application would still be rejected.

What if you don’t mention the conviction on your application form?

USPS runs background checks for every applicant during the hiring process. As such, if you try to hide the information while applying for a postal service job, you will completely shunt your chances of getting hired and may have to face a lawsuit in an attempt to deceive the employer.

Does a DUI Conviction on Your Record Have Any Implications on the Status of Your Postal Service Job?

This is totally up to the preference of the employer. Some employees that have been working at USPS in a capacity that requires driving are temporarily suspended from the job (only in some cases) while others are allowed to work but under specified instructions: 

  • The federal employer may allow the individual to deliver mails on foot rather than driving their way through.

  • The federal employer may pay other employees to drive the DUI convictee to the destinations where the mails are supposed to be delivered, until the suspended driving license is restored.

DUI conviction is an offense that highlights the potential harm a convictee carries for the society in general. However, USPS does realize the fact that every individual has the right to redeem themselves and as such where it regulates its policy strictly, it also offers leniency in some cases.