Answering Questions About the Pre-Employment Drug Test for United States Postal Service Job

The Unites States Postal Service adopts a zero tolerance policy against use of illegal drugs at the workplace. To ensure that none of the employees are involved in the practice of illegal drug administration, the agency conducts a screening test at the time of hiring the employees, the results of which can determine if the application is to be processed further or should it be rejected. This screening test is referred to as Pre-Employment Drug Test.

Today, we will be answering questions to help our readers—who are planning to apply for United States Postal Service jobs—understand the details of the process.

At What Stage of the Hiring Process is the Drug Screening Test is Ordered?

The pre-employment drug test for United States Postal Service job is ordered after clearing the stage of interview. The candidate will receive two emails, one informing them about the scheduled date of the drug test and the other email informing the candidates about the process of background check.

Which Drugs are Considered Illegal Under the USPS Drug Use Policy?

All drugs that are banned under federal law are considered illegal under the USPS Drug Use policy, even if the specific state permits the use of the drug. Therefore, candidates should study the federal statutory with regards to drug use when applying for a United States Postal Service job. This will help them assess their chances of clearing the pre-hiring phase.

What if the drug is prescribed by a physician?

Some drugs are prescribed by physicians that help in the recovery of an individual from a disease or illness. In any such case, it is important that you clearly mention it on your application form and provide medical evidence to back up your claim.  

What if You Have Taken a Prohibited Drug on the Previous Day of Scheduled Test? Will It Show on Your Report?

This depends on:

  • The type of prohibited drug that has been administered: For example, if you had marijuana, it remains in your bloodstream for 24 hours. If you had THC, it can remain in your bloodstream for up to thirty days from the hour of administration.
  • The physiology of an individual: The retention of a drug in bloodstream is dependent on factors like the percentage fraction of your body fat to your body mass, your routine activities, etc.

Which Type of Drug Test Is Conducted to Screen a Candidate for Drug Use?   

The USPS conducts a urinalysis to screen a candidate for drug use during the United States Postal Service job application process.  

What if You Fail to Appear for the Drug Test on the Scheduled Date?

Your application for the United States Postal Service job will be rejected. However, the HR department of USPS holds the right to reschedule a pre employment drug test for specific cases.

What if You Fail the Drug Test?

If you fail the drug test, your job application will be automatically deemed ineligible. But, a candidate can reapply for future vacancies at USPS.  

The pre-employment drug test is an important step of the hiring process for any United States Postal Service job. It is a practice that ensures USPS to pursue its social responsibility and help it play its part towards securing a drug-free community.