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Date:   January 1st, 2017

Being one of the largest mail carrying services in the country, the U.S Postal Service (USPS) requires that all applicants for US postal jobs undergo a series of tests. For those interested in joining the sales and distribution department or applying for the position of a city carrier, mail processing clerk or a mail handler, the USPS offers the 473 E exam.


Date:   December 10th, 2016

US postal jobs are one of the most rewarding career opportunities that promise you high wages, flexible work hours, and excellent career growth. However, in order to begin with the process of applying for a job at USPS, a candidate should be able to differentiate a genuine job advertisement from a US postal job scam.

Date:   December 7th, 2016

In today’s tough employment market, finding a job is not an easy task for anyone, but young college graduates are particularly vulnerable to the challenges posed by the competitive market because of their lack of professional experience. In addition to this, those without a college degree face a greater risk of unemployment compared to those with a college degree.

Date:   December 4th, 2016

The US Postal Services recruits individuals for entry level job vacancies through the postal exam 473/473E. This exam is titled as Test 473 for Major Entry-Level Jobs and also known as the 473 Battery Exam. Since it is for entry level jobs, the test contents are similar for many US postal jobs. The following is description of each postal service job that you can apply for when registering yourself for postal exam 473/473E.


Date:   December 1st, 2016

Being the largest employer of postal jobs in the country, the USPS offers a whole host of benefits and compensation plans, in addition to a great salary package, to their employees. Not only that, the USPS employees are also offered a multitude of training and development opportunities, which allow them to rapidly move up their ranks within the organization. Due to so many perks and benefits, thousands of individuals give postal exam each year for available positions.
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