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Date:   January 8th, 2021

Over a long time, Postal Service has proved to be a dependable and trusted communication supplier of mails. Several customers, employees, and the American republic has managed to stay in touch due to the timely, reliable delivery and collection services by the postal service.

Date:   January 5th, 2021

Not every job advert you see around with a federal name tag on it is legit. Job scammers have invented a subtle method of tricking their prey. This new way targets persons who are looking for legitimate jobs from the federal government and post office as their new dupes. These cons operate in many ways.


Date:   January 1st, 2021

One of the industries that have recently employed technology to make our lives easier is the postal service and mail delivery. A few years ago, you could hopelessly wait to receive your package or letter without knowing exactly when it is likely to arrive. The only way to track your mail was to get your map and start imagining how far from your doorstep the parcel could be. Not only was this cumbersome, but it was also inconvenient.


Date:   December 29th, 2020

Merchants running a seasonal business know best what it means to suffer a dip in sales and struggle with cash flow. And like it or not, most small businesses are seasonal. And because you have little control over the changing seasons, the best approach is to dance to the rhythm.


Date:   December 25th, 2020

As most business owners invest adequate time and money to boost sales throughout the COVID festive season shopping, others will choose to save their working capital and instead shut down operations, hoping 2021 will be better. A small company may close down operations during winter for several reasons. At times, it's not because the business is slow, but instead, the owner needs an official pardon after a year of managing the company.

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