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Date:   September 10th, 2019

Postal exam 473 is one of the most important and crucial exams for people who are looking to get a US postal job. Many candidates fail the exam not because they are ill-prepared, but because they make some silly mistakes.

Date:   September 6th, 2019

Securing a United States Postal Service job is a dream for a number of Americans. Each year, thousands of people apply for jobs in the USPS. However, only a few make it to the final round and actually get a job. Are you also planning on appearing for a postal exam to get a job in the USPS? If yes, then you must read this article. In this article, you will learn some amazing tips that can help you get hired in the USPS.


Date:   September 3rd, 2019

Today, increasingly large numbers of people are applying for postal jobs in the US. This is because clearing the postal exam is not just a means of securing a comfortable job, but it is also about finding a lifelong career.

Date:   August 30th, 2019


Date:   August 27th, 2019

The United States federal government usually has around one hundred thousand job vacancies every year, excluding military services. Many of these jobs vacancies go unfilled because a lot of people believe that applying for a federal job is extremely difficult as well as a highly complicated process. However, that is certainly not the case. On the contrary, it is entirely achievable if you know how to go about it.
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