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Date:   April 21st, 2020

Postal exam 473 is a mandatory test that you have to take to get a United States postal service job. However, this exam is not like other regular exams that you have been taking all your life. You would like some reassurance that clearing the postal exam is a simple task. However, the truth of the matter is that it is quite hard. The only way postal exams can be cleared is through good preparation.


Date:   April 17th, 2020

In order to qualify for an entry-level postal job, one needs to clear the postal exam 473, which is also referred to as test 473. This exam does not measure your knowledge, but your aptitude. You can easily improve your score if you prepare for the exam in advance. However, not every applicant passes this exam in the first attempt. As a result, the postal examination 473 has a failure rate of 80%. The main reason behind this high failure rate is the number of mistakes people tend to make. Let’s break it down.


Date:   April 14th, 2020

So you have made up your mind to join the United States Postal Service. But to move forward, a candidate must clear a written exam known as the postal exam 473. Have you not heard of it? Well, the postal exam 473 is a written test designed to check the applicant’s aptitude towards the following areas: • Coding • Memory • Accuracy and speed • Form completion • Address checking


Date:   April 10th, 2020

So, you have put in significant effort and are ready to take the postal exam 473, right? But have you mastered the art of time management? Remember, if you fail to manage time in the postal exam 473, you won’t be able to attempt all the sections, and all your efforts will go in vain.


Date:   April 7th, 2020

Thinking of Joining the Postal Service? Joining the United States Postal Service is not merely a job per se but more of a career move. This is why the service is extremely particular about the people that join. This means that not only does one have to meet the eligibility criteria but their aptitude also needs to be up to the mark.

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