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Date:   October 26th, 2018

Everyone wants to be successful at work. But the fact is that success comes only to those who make the effort to excel in their work. You need to have the right work ethic and attitude if you want to be a corporate star.

Date:   October 23rd, 2018

ZIP codes are important for making postal deliveries. They are a system of codes consisting of five digits. The codes have an interesting history that every person who wants to work as a postal service employee should know. In this article, we will trace the history of the codes right from inception to present day usage.

Date:   October 19th, 2018

The United States Parcel Service (USPS) is the largest mail company in the US. The company offers different postal mail packages to consumers. One of the little-known mail packages offered to customers includes the ePacket service.

Date:   October 16th, 2018

Many job seekers wrongly assume that they have landed a job after passing a job test. They think that interview is just a formality. But the fact is that how you perform during the interview will determine whether they are hired.

Date:   October 12th, 2018

Processing mail is an important part of the workflow at a postal service company. In a US postal service job, around 70 percent of the time is spent processing mail. Mail clerks at the USPS receive mail and then sort them for distribution.
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