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Date:   August 4th, 2020

The prevalence of coronavirus is very high, causing a huge negative drift in the worldwide supply chain. Due to the lockdown measures put in place by various affected countries to prevent mass infections, a lot of businesses are recording big losses.


Date:   July 31st, 2020

Small business owners struggle with money matters and most of their problems revolve around three issues;

  1. Cash flow
  2. Business Finances
  3. Business Funding or Loans

This article will take you through the three facets in detail to help you manage money better.


Date:   July 28th, 2020

Priority mail ensures fast mail delivery that comes in the form of a domestic shipping service that also allows for international delivery. Transport of mail occurs within three days for local deliveries and up to ten days for international shipping.

The delivery time differs depending on the destination and delays. Typically, there is no assurance that there will be no delays. Mishaps are bound to arise in this spontaneous world, leading to hold-ups.


Date:   July 24th, 2020

It is a letter or parcel that is unable to reach its intended recipient using the given address. Undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail is either sent back to the sender or sent to the dead postal office.

This method allows the sender to reprocess the mail and send it again or the mail to undergo processing in the dead postal office. Undeliverable letters can be a total hindrance for individuals and businesses that depend mostly on direct mail.     


Date:   July 21st, 2020

If you’re feeling the covid-19 heat then you must know now that online orders and door-step delivery are getting more and more popular among customers.

So you just moved online and want to begin shipping but don’t know where to start? Well, sit tight for we may have the answers.

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