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Date:   February 1st, 2019

With a difficulty level which has made it notorious, the US Postal Exam 473 can definitely make one feel anxious. If you’re doing some research regarding it, you can easily get lost in all the myths which have popped up about it. This can make you hesitant about the postal exam and also raise a lot of doubts about your ability to clear it.

Date:   January 29th, 2019

If you are looking to get a United States postal service job, you need to ace the postal exam 473. You notice that we said ace, not pass. Because passing the exam is not enough as only the top candidates get the job. That is why it is important that you do everything that you can to ace the postal exam 473.

Date:   January 18th, 2019

For postal jobs, the criterion is to pass the postal exam 437. A lot of positions in the postal service department are dependent on this test such as mail processors, postal carriers, mail handlers, machine operators, etc. Many candidates feel stressed out before the exam as the entry procedure is so tough. There is a lot of pressure since the exam has a high failure rate.

Date:   January 15th, 2019

A lot of businesses are dependent on postal service to gain profit. We don’t usually think about the large process behind ordering something and having it delivered to our doorstop after a few days. With a huge impact on profits for businesses and the economy, the US postal service becomes a really important part of the country.


Date:   January 11th, 2019

Around 528 million mails are delivered every day by the U.S. Postal Service processes which serve 3.8 million customers in their retail locales. The people working on different US postal jobs play a very important role in this delivery system and make it all possible. Likewise, the role of a supervisor is prominent and significant.
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